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Is anyone really good at writing an about me page?

Started this blog ages ago as Roubaix Ramblings in homage to my bicycle and my passion for riding it and rambling about things. I still have the Specialized Roubaix but I rarely ride it. My passions and hobbies have come and gone, and sometimes come again. Cycling in High School. Music school kept me focused on trumpet performance for a while before I decided that wasn't the route to take. A miserable existence during my restaurant management days, where the only good I can see from then is some of the friendships made. There was no time for me.After that it was working out and playing basketball with friends, then a year of cycling again which was fun. Started working on a MBA. After that there was photography which was fun and I made a run at having a business, but the competition and business side, along with all the weekends, etc that extinguished that. Golf took center stage for a while, like a year or so where it was practice and play as much as possible. If we want to talk about something that can really drive a guy nuts, lets talk golf. I wanted to cycle more and play golf around 2014, and then I discovered CrossFit. Golf slowed down. Cycling slowed down. CrossFit really enthralled me. The workouts change every day. No more boring. Working out in your box, you build a core group of friends, that's a great part of working out is doing it with friends. Pushing yourself to your limit, that's something I really enjoy too. Oh, and I finished that pesky MBA. It wouldn't surprise me if there were people that know me that wonder, what will he get into next. That's a fair question. For right now, it's safe to say, not much. Spending time at the gym is a paramount part of my day.

More importantly than CrossFit is to live and love. Family is the most important thing in my opinion. I'm married to an amazing woman and have never been happier. I strive to stay in touch with family but it's a constant battle to do better at that. Being a good husband, son, and friend are an ever evolving goal.

Follow Along here as I ramble along about CrossFit, life, and whatever else feels right. Sometimes the posts come with a vengeance and I blog for a month straight. Then I take some time where there isn't much happening. I like to sit back and tap out posts on my phone so there aren't a ton of pictures. Trying to make this thing "pretty" adds stress and reduces posts. If you want pictures feel free to head over to Instagram and give me a follow @dhill37

Questions - just ask!

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