Friday, January 15, 2016

Tackling Grace - More than just a WOD

We recently did Grace. Testing this benchmark WOD had me a little nervous throughout the day. I wasn't sure if it was time to go Rx or not. I hadn't done a high rep count of jerks and I really wasn't sure how the clean would hold up for 30 reps either. 

Coming back from my injury last summer, after I could get a barbell in my hand I wanted to do the Barbells for Boobs competition / fundraiser. It was Helen meets Grace and the scaled weight was listed at 95 pounds. I started by working on Grace at 65 pounds, then moved up to 75. I worked on the clean and Jerk until I hit a few at 95 and maybe one or two at 105. During the B4B WOD after John and I finished Helen we got to the barbell and it was set up at 105. I couldn't do it, and had to switch to 1 arm kettlebell clean and jerks. So Grace became sort of a nemesis. I wanted to eventually do it Rx, but at that time wasn't sure that was possible. 

I haven't trained specifically to do her again, but have worked hard on many aspects of my lifting and conditioning. 

Back to the present. Picking a weight. Was I ready for 135 or should it be 115? I wrestled with that during the day and when I got to the box I asked Pam. She said, have you ever done it Rx, to which I replied no. Then she asked if I thought I'd finish in less than, say, 8 minutes? To which I replied, yes, I believe that's doable. She told me her first Rx attempt took about that long and to give it a shot. 

After a good warm up we loaded up our bars. I contemplated doing 35s and 10s but didn't want to give myself a mental way out so I just did the 45s. 


I grabbed the bar for the first one, and to my surprise it felt easy. Is cleaned 155 before the WOD started and I liked that the 135 felt good. I dropped the bar and went right back to it. My plan was singles and that's what I stuck with. As a minute ticked by on the clock is done 11 and the thought of a sub 3 went through my mind. The next 9 were pretty quick but not as fast as the first 11. The last 10 slowed a bit with the last 2-3 having to be cleaned, stood up, then re dipped and jerked. As I finished rep 30 and looked at the clock it was at 3:36. 

I am pumped at my performance. That's probably the best I've ever done a WOD and to do it during a benchmark that meant so much during my road to recovery was awesome. Sometimes a WOD is more than a WOD. It can teach you things, reaffirm things, and remind you to keep pushing along. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are we. Constant work, the pursuit of progress is a beautiful thing, and occasionally we are rewarded with a great reminder that it's all worth it. So pick up the bar and keep moving. 

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