Friday, January 15, 2016

Little Victories

It's easy to forget to celebrate the small stuff. Almost everyone does. Inside and outside the box we should try to appreciate te small steps in the right direction. 

Recently I retested my 100 Double Unders for time. A month ago, doing single - double. Single single double and some doubles linked it took 7:27. This week I hit a set of 19 during the test and did it in 4:08. That's huge. I'm finally starting to get these things. 

Had some PRs in a few things lately, push jerk, hang snatch come to mind. 

Today I did a heavy double Front Squat and worked up to my previous 1 rep. The best part is I didn't go to a cross grip. It's not the prettiest front rack but it's getting better. 

Take a minute to appreciate the minor victories. 

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