Friday, January 15, 2016


There is always a lot to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful for great friends, including the ones like Jess that work a Greensboro Orthopedic. Since dislocating my knee cap a week and a half ago she's given me exercises to do, and taped it twice now. I need to find a good way to show my appreciation for that. 

Back to blogger

The last 3 posts are between 100 days and 200 days old at this point. I'd moved my blog to a Wordpress hosted site and then didn't renew it. Back to the ole trustee blogger platform. Can't go wrong with Google. 

Beer City Beatdown

Heading up to Asheville tomorrow for a 4 person team Crossfit competition. We are doing the Beer City Beatdown. 

I've worked really hard on snatching and over head squatting leading into this and I hope that work pays off with some good attempts in the first wod. I'm looking forward to all the workouts after the weight lifting complex. 

Whatever happens it will be fun. After the WOD series with Luke, I decided lather comps were way more fun. 

Little Victories

It's easy to forget to celebrate the small stuff. Almost everyone does. Inside and outside the box we should try to appreciate te small steps in the right direction. 

Recently I retested my 100 Double Unders for time. A month ago, doing single - double. Single single double and some doubles linked it took 7:27. This week I hit a set of 19 during the test and did it in 4:08. That's huge. I'm finally starting to get these things. 

Had some PRs in a few things lately, push jerk, hang snatch come to mind. 

Today I did a heavy double Front Squat and worked up to my previous 1 rep. The best part is I didn't go to a cross grip. It's not the prettiest front rack but it's getting better. 

Take a minute to appreciate the minor victories. 

Tackling Grace - More than just a WOD

We recently did Grace. Testing this benchmark WOD had me a little nervous throughout the day. I wasn't sure if it was time to go Rx or not. I hadn't done a high rep count of jerks and I really wasn't sure how the clean would hold up for 30 reps either. 

Coming back from my injury last summer, after I could get a barbell in my hand I wanted to do the Barbells for Boobs competition / fundraiser. It was Helen meets Grace and the scaled weight was listed at 95 pounds. I started by working on Grace at 65 pounds, then moved up to 75. I worked on the clean and Jerk until I hit a few at 95 and maybe one or two at 105. During the B4B WOD after John and I finished Helen we got to the barbell and it was set up at 105. I couldn't do it, and had to switch to 1 arm kettlebell clean and jerks. So Grace became sort of a nemesis. I wanted to eventually do it Rx, but at that time wasn't sure that was possible. 

I haven't trained specifically to do her again, but have worked hard on many aspects of my lifting and conditioning. 

Back to the present. Picking a weight. Was I ready for 135 or should it be 115? I wrestled with that during the day and when I got to the box I asked Pam. She said, have you ever done it Rx, to which I replied no. Then she asked if I thought I'd finish in less than, say, 8 minutes? To which I replied, yes, I believe that's doable. She told me her first Rx attempt took about that long and to give it a shot. 

After a good warm up we loaded up our bars. I contemplated doing 35s and 10s but didn't want to give myself a mental way out so I just did the 45s. 


I grabbed the bar for the first one, and to my surprise it felt easy. Is cleaned 155 before the WOD started and I liked that the 135 felt good. I dropped the bar and went right back to it. My plan was singles and that's what I stuck with. As a minute ticked by on the clock is done 11 and the thought of a sub 3 went through my mind. The next 9 were pretty quick but not as fast as the first 11. The last 10 slowed a bit with the last 2-3 having to be cleaned, stood up, then re dipped and jerked. As I finished rep 30 and looked at the clock it was at 3:36. 

I am pumped at my performance. That's probably the best I've ever done a WOD and to do it during a benchmark that meant so much during my road to recovery was awesome. Sometimes a WOD is more than a WOD. It can teach you things, reaffirm things, and remind you to keep pushing along. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are we. Constant work, the pursuit of progress is a beautiful thing, and occasionally we are rewarded with a great reminder that it's all worth it. So pick up the bar and keep moving.