Monday, June 8, 2015

Thoughts on Rest Days

Sometimes you look forward to rest days. Sometimes they are forced upon you. The hardest rest day to take is one you have to force on yourself. 

I really wanted to WOD today. But I was tired all day. It was different at the end of the day than "what a long day, in drained". Often times getting to the gym is like hitting reset. You leave feeling a lot better than when you got there. 

I am one of the biggest advocates for rest in other people. I know you have to have it to recover and get stronger. That's why I'm in bed early a lot more often these days. But not goingntonworkout, when you really want to just kinda sucks. 

Taking the day off was the right thing to do and I'm proud of myself for making the smart decision. I came home. Crashed and caught an hour nap. Cooked dinner, watched some tv and now and going to bed. 

Sometimes putting off everything else to have a quite night is just what the body needs. 

If you're fighting taking a rest day. Figure out why. If it's because you don't like the workout, you should probably go. Odds are you don't like it because it's a weakness. If it's because you're feeling dragged down and coffee isn't doing what it normally does. Take a day, maybe too. Rest and recover and when you get back to the box you will have a new intensity. 

Doing what you don't want to do does suck. But making those decisions can really boy off in the long run. 

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