Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeling Good

The sporadic updates continue. If you've read anything on here you should be used to that though. I will make an effort to not lead every post off like that.

I've been hitting the gym 4-6 times per week, going in for some extra rowing / conditioning sessions when I can at lunch.

I added walking lunges 4 days a week 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks I did 100 meters. The first 2 days of that were terrible, my ass really was quite sore. Then this last week I upped it to 150 meters, and the soreness is back. Not as bad as it was before, but the first 2 days of 150m were tough.

I'm hoping to start working on double unders after class or before class every day this week. I think after class will be better because if I can learn them fatigued, during the workout should be better. Someone once told me that so we'll see if they are right. On Saturday Andy was having my do higher jumps for my singles and it feels really exaggerated but I know it isn't.

Flexible dieting has been going really well for April and I'm pumped about that after a so-so march. I think I'm really going to be pleased with the results. I should probably just call it flexible eating because it isn't strict like some diets but it does control your calories and macro- nutrients.

I have several posts I want to write but we will have to see when I will make time for them. After working and spending time in the gym, then cooking dinner, I usually don't want to sit back down in front of the computer.

I will close this one out by sharing something I read the other day. "You are only as happy as you choose to be. So today, choose happiness."

Until next time. Be Happy.