Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Training Week of 3/9 - Complete

Monday 3/9 - Rest Day. After hitting it hard with multiple workouts on Saturday and Sunday it was a good day to take off.

Tuesday 3/10 -
Run 2 Miles
Class WOD - Teams of 3 (5 min row for cals / 4 min burpee box jump overs / 3 min row / 2 min bbjo / 1 min row)
5 Min Double Under practice
4 RFT - 400m Run / 25 Ab Mat Situps

Continuing on the I need to run more so I hate it less train today. Went out for a mile before the WOD and just kept going, and when I could see the turn around for 2 miles had no reason not to get there. First mile actually felt great, 2nd mile I could feel my legs weren't used to it yet.

Did the class WOD with Teresa and Megan and it was a very good workout. We moved well and got a good burn.

Strung 2 DU's together a few times and got decent at 3 Singles & a Double. Need to stay focused on these.

Finished out with another mile and 100 sit ups. That's a pretty good push and a workout I could vary in so many ways. I think 25 light thursters and running might get spicy.

Wednesday 3/11 - 
1 Mile Run at lunch.

Class WOD
Odd - 7 power cleans / 30 DU
Even - 7 Pull Ups / 7 Wall Balls

After Class
2K Row. Every 3 minutes do 10 Burpees

Good day in the box. After the extra running the jump rope killed my calves. Was so sore after the WOD.

Thursday 3/12 - 
Rest Day

Friday 3/13 - 
With plans to go to the ACC tournament I went in after lunch today and did some active recovery with rowing and mobility work.
Row 2000 / 1500 / 1000 / 500 for a total of 5K but had plenty of rest between and did a lot of moblity with hips and shoulders.

Calves still sore, damn you jump rope!

Saturday 3/13
Open 15.3. See Open post for thoughts on 15.3

Sunday 3/14
Class WOD
600m run
60 Doubles
500m run
50 air squats
400m run
40 ab mat situps
300 m run
30 burpees
200m run
20 box jumps
100m run
10 pull ups

Did that in around 22 minutes.

Yoga was awesome to stretch things out and work on some mobility.

Finished the afternoon by pulling a rower out into the sun and rowing a 5x1000 w/ 2 minutes rest in between. Held around a 2:00 min pace. It was such a beautiful day.

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