Wednesday, January 14, 2015

War of the WODs - "Arena" Test

Tested a couple of this weekends competition WODs yesterday. 

The first event is called The Arena,  a ladder, where you try to total the most weight. I'm in the beginner category so my lift is 2 deadlifts. (Rx is snatch, scaled is 2 GTO)

11 bars starting at 95, ending at 255. 

It took a long time during open gym to set it up but I'm really glad I did. I thought I would hit the last 6 bars. So I started at 195 and cleared them all and had like 24 seconds remaining. 

Waited a few and ran it again. Cleared 8 bars and still had ~13 seconds left. I plan on making it 9 bars for the competition. 

I'm lucky in the sense that the deadlift is a lift that I don't have problems with and 255 isn't too heavy. I wonder if I could clear 10 bars, but it was such a pain to set up and breakdown that I'm not testing it again.

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