Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick Update

I've made some damn fine strides lately. A few weeks ago I PR'd my back squat, on a 10x3 set. We did 1 rep max the next week and I PR'd by 60 pounds. I lifted 285 which was phenomenal for me. I failed at 295, so I think that 300 is achievable. 

I've switched from no gluten, no sugar to low sugar, low gluten, watching macro nutrients. 
I didn't do official measurements, I need to do that this weekend to keep on track but when i did them myself before Thanksgiving I was down another .5 in my waist and a couple of inches in my hips if i measured correctly, also .5 in my chest. 

I've dropped a few more pounds and I can tell that it's fat loss now. 

I'm also getting a lot better at the cardio based wod's and pushing through. 

The weights still aren't increasing at a fast clip, but I don't expect them too, the wrist is pretty limiting on some of the lifts and I'd rather have great form and add weight slowly then just muscle weight around. I try my best to stick to that, I didn't earlier this week and did some crappy form on a snatch that was a bit heavy for me. Live and learn. 

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