Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grace Again & Pacing Lesson Learned

I may not have been documenting my progress as much but I'm still progressing. I can't figure out why I stopped writing down notes exactly but more of a combination of things. Yes, playing Clash of the Clans had some to do with it. Other factors is I can track it in WODIFY so why do I need every workout on my blog. I think about adding them into a spreadsheet for when I don't' have wodify, that seems like the best alternative and doing weekly posts or just noting different things. And lastly I guess I'm not worried about falling off the wagon. I do like the motivation from sharing in here so I need to stay with that because I like seeing everyone progress and get BAMF'd up. I'm dedicated to getting better at CrossFit. I understand that none of the weights I lifted in my first 5 months really matter anymore. I can't compare now and then because I was just getting discouraged at what I used to do. I have new PR's in everything. One day I may surpass the before injury days but I'm working hard and seeing gains and that's awesome. 

Couple of workouts to note. Ever since I was training for Barbells for Boobs I decided to add Grace to my schedule every 4-6 weeks. Trying to add 10# each time as I work my way up to more weights. I last did Grace at the beginning of October at 65# so this time (Saturday 11/8)she weighed in at 75#. I know that you need to keep moving and stay under control. I also know that if you go out to hard that you'll suffer at the end. I went out really good, maybe a touch hard and the first 20 reps were no problem, I slowed slightly but didn't break, and the last 2 reps were tough, still unbroken. Time 1:40. Up five pounds in weight, down 6 seconds!

I'm a realist, and I fully expect my Grace times to start creeping up and over 2 minutes as the weights increase. I haven't set a time but if I had to guess I wouldn't move up 10# the next month if my time went over 4 minutes? Maybe 3? Guess we will see when the time comes. 

And then yesterday during the WOD I learned a valuable pacing lesson. 
AMRAP 10 min:
10 bar facing burpees
15 thursters (fran weight)
20 Chest to BAr

I did 65# and ring rows. Anyway, after the first round I felt like I could push harder. Instead of ramping up the intensity I jacked that shit all the way to 10 and flew threw the second 10 burpees. When I grabbed the barbell I knew I'd made a mistake as I couldn't control my breath. I wanted to push, to redline and hold it there for the last 5-6 minutes. I should have gotten in 3 rounds but I ended with 2 full rounds, 10 burpees and 6 thursters. It's all about that pace. 

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