Friday, October 3, 2014

OC Challenge WOD 3 Retest

Another solid night in the box. 

Retest #3 for the challenge month. 

Wall balls
Box jump overs
Abmat sit-ups

Last time -3:47
This time - 3:03

I wanted to go sub 3 but I'm really happy with this effort. Last time I didn't jump I did box steps. I was pleased with my jumps tonight. 

Since I was off today I went in early to do some work on Clean and Jerks. Getting used to having weight on the bar and getting the wrist back in order. 

Got pretty comfortable with 65# and then decided to try grace. We have a partner event next weekend for Barbells for Boobs and it's Helen meets Grace. 

I want to do both before and then I will know what it feels like and should be better with a partner. 

My time for lite Grace was 2:15

Scaled next weekend, is supposed to be 95 but they are going to scale for me to whatever weight I need. I am gonna try but I really don't know if I will be at 95 before next Saturday. It's not like we were going to win, I just want to be able to compete. 

It's funny but just adding 5 pounds in the bar feels like 20 or more wen I clean it. No problem on the pull, it's just the wrist, but it's getting there. 

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