Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OC Challenge - Retest #2

Damn good day at the Box!

We had the retest of the 2nd Challenge WOD.

15 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
5 Push Press

Last time I was still one handed working out and used a 16kg KB. I thought it was probably too light as I finished the WOD in 4:01.

We have to retest with the same weight / etc as the first time. I knew that I'd need to go unbroken this time or damn near close to it to beat that time.

So, unbroken I went. 90 reps straight through the damn thing.
2:26 this time.

I don't miss working out 1 handed at all.

I felt good about the early part of the workout too. Working up to a heavy Push Jerk. I actually used a bar with weights for the first time tonight. It was a 22# bar with 40 pounds on it. I can clean / jerk / press etc. I'm getting things back slowly. Throwing a barbell around is about as good of PT as you can get in my opinion.

And to end the night I did the next level, 3x3 Back Squats.

PR'd that by 10 pounds. 195. Not super heavy, and I could have done more, but a PR is a PR.

Ready for Friday's 3rd retest. After all those are done I'll update my results from the challenge.

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