Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OC Challenge Results

So the challenge my box did for those of us interested was for the month of September. 

It was gluten free or paleo. And sugar free. 

I don't do a ton of bread / pasta anyway, but I do eat a decent amount of cheese so I chose gluten free. 

As I said the gluten wasn't a big deal for me but the sugar free part made a huge impact. 

September is my busiest month at my job and I usually just get to where I eat crap. And then we have a top fundraiser party, a rest stop captains picnic and is eat cake and other stuff there. This challenge helped me focus a lot on my eating habits. 

I also realized there is added sugar in so many foods. I started drinking black coffee a week before the challenge and it took a few days but now I love it. I don't use salad dressings with added sugar. I stopped eating a lot of other condiments as well. No more mindless snacking on Oreos or other cookies that are brought into the break room. 

I still got plenty of carbs through corn, sweet potatoes, post workout protein shakes, Lara bars, etc. 

I've kept eating this way all through October with one cheat of some frozen yogurt the day the challenge ended. 

I am going to turn in a food journal weekly for a while to a coach now that the challenge is over and I don't have a partner looking at them. I want to make sure I'm eating enough and the right things to continue fat loss. I will also be getting measurements monthly.  

During September I lost 10 pounds (really 7.5, I gained 2.5 the last day of August)

I lost 5 total inches. 1 in my arms, starting to see muscle definition there. 

Lost 1 in my chest, 2 in my stomach, and 1 in my waist. 

Gained a few in my legs from all the squats, but that's good fat burning muscle so I'm good with that. 

I haven't lost much weight this month another 2-3 pounds, so I'm interested to see the measurements later this week. 

I feel great and am happy with how I eat now. There must really be something to the 21 days to make a habit. Eariler this week I wanted something sweet and I was thinking half a protein shake it an apple. Those wouldn't have been in my top 10 a few months ago.  

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