Monday, September 29, 2014

OC Challenge 1 - retest

My challenge at the box has 3 workouts associated with it. 

Today was the retest of the first one. 

Calorie Row / Burpees

In the first of the month I was still one arm rowing and did burpees at a 5 to 3 ratio. So my burpees were 15-12-9-6

As we are testing we were supposed to stay the same. So today I rowed with 1 arm again  and did the burpees. 

I knew the time would be made up on the burpees as I was still not ready to go all out with the arm / etc last time. I pushed really hard this time

Last time I got with 17:01
This time 13:48

I'm damn happy with the improvement 

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