Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yesterday destroyed me. 
Mentally and physically. 

Had a clean and jerk EMOM and I was just planning on using the bar. Felt like I should be able to do that and work on the mobility required for that. 

Well the 45# bar just wasn't happening. I got a 22# bar and could get around on the clean. I did 3 EMOM for 9 min and honestly it got easier towards the end and the wrist felt good, but a little sore. 

It was just frustrating because I knew id be 100+ pounds under where I was but after I couldn't do the 45 bar I was just irritated. 

Then the workout was 
Kettlebell Swings

Did a light kettlebell (12kg) as it was my first time doing a KBS with 2 hands. I still have to use 1 arm to get up off the floor with the burpees. Hoping to slowly get back to getting 2 hands to get up. After about 20 burpees my arm / shoulder starts to feel the burn. 

I was slow. Bottom line. 

I know that I need to focus on what I have been doing and stay positive. I think I've done that for the most part but now that I have no restrictions, as I get back into the movements it's going to be tough. 

I'm gonna let those frustrations go and focus on each movement as starting over and build up. There's no way I can keep thinking "what I used to do" right now. 

It's a new day and we have fight gone bad for 3 rounds. Gotta get ready to have fun and kick ass. 

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