Saturday, September 6, 2014

Catching Up for a Week - "31 Heros, Kettlebell Hell & More"

9/30/14 Saturday
"31 Heroes" (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
Teams of 2,
8 Thrusters (155/105)
6 Rope Climbs
11 BJ (30/24)
*One partner always running
400m with 45/25 plate

RX Plus (as written)
Rx (135/95) (24/20)

I did this one by myself and did an 8 cal row, 6 box jumps an 11 air squats for 31 minutes. Good workout. It was hot! I didn't do the single arm thursters because I thought I'd be fried by the end of a half hour.

On 8/6/11 30 Men and 1 K9 died in action serving our country. This WOD is dedicated to them.
More info on the 31 Heros website here

9/31/14 Sunday
Metcon (Time)
Partner Wod
4 RFT:
30 Calorie Row
30 KBS, 24/16
30 Burpees
The reps must be split into equal increments.

Partnered with Adam.
We split the row into 15 cal each
KBS in 5's
Burpees in 5's.

I did one round with the one armed burpees and the other 3 rounds with 10 air squats in place of the 5 burpees.

9/1/14 Monday
Labor Day Fun!
Metcon (Time)
For Time
1 mile Run
50 Wall Balls, 20/14
40 BJ, 24/20
30 Burpees
20 Power Snatches, 95/65

Fun huh? I did a 100 cal airdyne bike ride, took about 9 - 10 minutes.
50 single arm kb thrusters
40 box steps ups
3 rounds - 5 burpees / 10 squats
20 kb snatch

9/2/14 Tuesday
OC Crush Challenge 1 (There are 3 bench mark workouts in our gluten free / paelo challenge, my partner and i are doing Gluten Free)

OC Challenge WOD 1 (Time)
25, 20, 15, 10
Calorie Row
Rest 2 Min between rounds

I did the burpees on a 3:5 ratio, 3 for every 5 perscribed.
17 minutes even. Hope I can improve on that in 4 weeks when we retest.

9/3/14 Wednesday
We did paused front squats (me with a kb) of 3x3 with a 10 second pause at the bottom.

OC Challenge WOD 2 (Time)
15 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
5 Push Press

RX Plus (115/75)
Rx (95/55)

I went with a 16kg Kettle Bell and should have probably went with a 24kg. Honestly I was afraid to go too heavy because there have been a few times that my arm just was toasted when I finished the workout.

Time 4:01. Fastest by far. Lightest weight by far as well.

Somehow Micky convinced me to run a mile before class with her. First time I'd run that much in 10 weeks, since I'd gotten hurt.

9/5/14 Friday
OC Challenge WOD 3 (Time)
Wall Balls
Box Jump Overs
Abmat Sit Ups

Rx plus (20/14)(24/20)
Rx (14/10)(20/18)

This one was an all our sprint.
I used the 8kg kb for single arm thrusters in place of wall balls.
Not comfortable with box jumps as much so I did steps.

Ran a mile with Mickey and Erica before class.

9/6/14 Saturday
“Kettlebell Hell” (6 Rounds for reps)
1. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of 1-arm KB Snatches from the hang in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute

2. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of 1-arm KB Clean and Jerks from the hang in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute

3. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of KB Goblet Squats in the remaining time. - KB can rest on chest.

Rest 5 minutes and repeat 1, 2 and 3 again.

Shit - that was hell. Damn, I ended with 63 total reps but holy smokes that's a tough one and it was hot and humid this morning.

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