Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Good report at the doctor and while I have a good ways to go to have normal mobility they have removed any restrictions in PT and life. With the instruction that I don't do anything stupid and if I have sharp pains stop. 

Obviously I can't clean or snatch because the wrist doesn't move well enough but back squats, dead lifts , rowing etc I'm allowed to use both hands. 

Tonight we had 3x3 back squats. 

The 10-8-6-4-2 climbing Deadlifts. No dropping in the srts, they were touch and go. The weights for the deads are embarrassing because it's like starting over. Started at 95 and climbed to 165. But it was nice to get my hands on a barbell again and get started back in the right direction. 

After class the next level was 3 x 750 m row with 1:30 rest. I swear I can row as fast or faster with one arm. Gonna take some getting used too. 

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