Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 week broken wrist update



3 rep heavy deadlift 


14 min EMOM

Odd 7 Deadlifts (70%)

Even 200m run

So I was cleared to run today at my Drs appointment and I sucked at it. The coaches told me I might need to just do 100s since I hadn't ran in 6 weeks. I did 200 the first 3 rounds. 100 the next 3 rounds and 200 the last round. 

Used a KB for the Deadlifts and held it to my right side because I was over rotating my shoulder and the coaches didn't want me to chance injury. 

I hope to add some extra running back in a few times a week to build that endurance up. 

Best news of the day was a new brace / splint that doesn't effect the elbow except when I'm working out. During any workout I have to wear the previous removable cast for more stability.  


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