Thursday, May 29, 2014

WOD 43: Fortitude - 5.29.14


"Fortitude" (AMRAP - Reps)
Odd: 15 Cal Row
Even: 15 Burpees
Scale this accordingly.

Rx Plus - 15/12
Rx - 12/10
L1 - 10/8

My plan was to do 10 cal rows and 10 burpees.
I actually did:
10 cal row / 8 burpees x 10 minutes
10 cal row / 7 burpees x 10 min
10 cal row / 6 burpees x 10 min

Gotta keep working on the endurance piece. But this one was one tough cookie. Pam warned us that for the first 5 or 6 minutes you'd feel frisky, just really good. By 10 minutes you'd start to get to an unhappy place and after 12 or so minutes it'd be a suck fest you just had to battle through.

It's one thing to hear someone tell you that, and another thing completely to experience it.

I was really consistent on the rowing. Trying to keep a good pace although I was continually more winded and that worked well. The burpees all took about the same amount of time even though I was doing 1 less after 10 minutes of the workout etc.

That was a damn good workout. Just gassed at the end of it.

Gonna see how I feel tomorrow to determine if I get in a WOD between jobs. If I'm feeling frisky I will but if not I won't so I can get through the shift at outback w/o falling flat.

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