Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOD 42: 5.28.14

Rope Climb


Metcon (Time)
Buy In: 19 HSPU

5 Rounds
2 Rope Climbs
8 Dead Lifts 225/155
26 Double Unders

Cash Out: 88 AbMat Sit Ups


We weren't working on getting to the top of a rope, just to learn the basic skills for the rope. I did okay with it thanks to some extra tips from Mason and David. I'm going to try to work more on this in the future before some of the 3:30 classes.

I did box HSPU's to cash in.
During the 5RFT it was rope climbs or a towel ring row, which was interesting. My deadlifts were at 205, as we were told we should be able to get through the first few rounds with either unbroken or into quick sets. I did that and slowed slightly for the last few sets.

During the first 3 rounds I mixed in some doubles with the singles and did all singles in the last few rounds.

To cash out I broke it into 22 sets of 4 so I could take a deep breath between each set.

Time was 17:18. It was a tough workout but I was pleased with my effort today. I needed somewhat of a redemption workout after my piss poor running during Nancy yesterday.

A little motivation. Most of the time we won't be the strongest in the room, but to keep grinding and see improvements is what it's all about.

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