Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tour de Lions - Cycling: 5.18.14

Tour de Lions is a great local ride. The registration fee is more than fair and you get a shirt, lunch and breakfast and everyone wins some sort of door prize. Today started off really cool. It was still in the 40's when I left home and barely crested 50 when we rolled off at 8:30. It was fine with arm warmers on to start. I took them off at mile 17s rest stop.

They mentioned in the announcements that the courses were changed and were more challenging. I can believe that. The hills seemed relentless today. Looking at the elevation chart I can understand why.  They were one after another. Add in that it got breezy on the way in and it was a tough day out there, but all in all it was a very good ride.

Longest ride I've had in 4 or more years. Happy to be out there and cycling.

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