Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trying to Eat Cleaner

Ice been trying to eat cleaner for about a week now and its going pretty well. I haven't seen a ton of weight loss or anything but I expect that to start happening soon.

I am looking at a modified Paelo program. Cutting out a lot of starches, grains, and sugars.
I made my own salad dressing and it's awesome. Its a honey mustard vinaigrette.

Snacking on fruits and veggies. I bought some great blueberries and blackberries Tuesday.
Tonight I made spaghetti squash for the first time. It's actually very delicious. I told Tara that if it sucked we'd just be eating soup but both of us ate it and didn't have to make those "eww healthy food faces" to get it down.

There was an ice cream party at work today and I avoided the temptation to eat there because of this eating healthy and also, my lactose intolerance has gotten much worse the past few times I ate ice cream, had milk etc. I didn't need to be running to the bathroom during the wod.

This week has honestly been easier to cook and do things because I am on spring break from grad school and I took off from outback for a meeting and then the acc tournament. I'll be having a cheat night tomorrow night playing poker with the fellas, but will get back on it on Saturday.

Sometimes the first week is the hardest but by replacing foods with food and not just fake crap like atkins bars it hasn't been bad. I enjoy salads and making them with more fresh ingredients has been and hopefully will continue to be helpful.

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