Friday, March 28, 2014

CrossFit - WOD 19

My box has been doing the open workouts on Fridays (the day after the annoucements) For those of you not keeping up with the open workouts for the CrossFit games, here was today's workout.

21 Thrusters
21 Bar Facing Burpees
18 Thrusters
18 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Thrusters
15 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Thrusters
12 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Thrusters
9 Bar Facing Burpees
6 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Thrusters
3 Bar Facing Burpees

You have to jump over the bar, off 2 feet.

Totals up to 168 reps. 84 Thrusters & 84 Burpees

That was one tough cookie. I knew it was going to be tough from when I first saw it.
Rx weight is 95# thursters but that's still heavy for me so I did it at 65#

I knew not to go out to hard and fast because it was going to be a long workout. I started pretty steady and eventually went to sets of 3 to make it through. It felt good to get to the round of 6 and the coach for the class Joe was over there pushing me go get it done.

Time was 24:11. I'm glad I went in and got it done.
I know that I will revisit this workout in the future.

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