Thursday, March 20, 2014

CrossFit - WOD 14

I ran before the WOD today. Couple of reasons behind that decision. Or maybe just one good one. A couple of friends want me to run a trail race with them in just over a month. It's 3.5 miles and I know I'm going to be the slowest, but I still want to make it through without dying. I didn't have my watch but based on the clock running for the other classes workout I did the mile somewhere in the 9:30-10 minute mart. 

The other reason I wanted to get out and run is because after all the crappy weather we've got a really nice spring day today and I wanted to enjoy it. 

Today's workout was an endurance workout, as we'll be attempting 14.4 tomorrow, whatever that might hold. 


Endurance (Time)
Run: 200m
Rest 2:00 min
Row: 250m
Rest 2:00 min

~total time includes rest time

Your time included the rest time, but you stopped it after your 4th row. When I think of endurance I think of slower and longer, but this was essentially 8 all out sprints. Each sprint was under a minute. The first and second run were my best and the second and third rows were my best in there. 

Total time was 21:15.

Including the mile beforehand, the 600m run in the warmup and the 800m during the workout I got in about 1.9 miles today. 

Here is a group picture of our St. Patty's Day WOD

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