Sunday, February 16, 2014

Workouts Week of 2/9/14

Tabata to Warm Up
DB Squat
DB Lunge
Ballet Squat
Dead lift
Calf raises - 2 leg
DB shoulder press
Calf raises - 1 leg
Bent over lateral raises
Lying leg raise


Didn't get home until 7:30 from a day of meetings in Charlotte. No Workout. 


Tabata Warm Up:

20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest
Lunges 1&3
Squats 2&4
Wood chopper 5&7
Mtn climbers 6&8

Bench Press Burnout

12@115, 8@125, 5@135,  3@145, 4@155, 4@175, 12@115

The middle of that kicked my ass but I felt better at the end.

4 Supersets of 2x10
1. DB 1 arm row -40lb 
Pushups - 

2. 2 arm row  60lb
DB flys - 20lb 

3. DB curls -25 lb

bench DB extensions -30lb

4. Hammer Curls - 20lb
Skull Crushers - 60lb

I like this workout. It moves a decent amount of weight and I can get in a good amount of time. 


North Carolina's Snowmageddon started so I took the day off. 

Thursday 2/13

Trudged down to the apartment gym for a workout today.
42 minutes on the elliptical while watching an episode of Arrow (great show if you don't watch it)

Finished with a 3 Cycle Tabata for 12 minutes of high intensity 

Pushups 1&3
Squats 2 & 4
Jumping Jacks 5&7
Lunges 6&8

No workout on Friday. I knew it was going to be a very busy night at Outback thanks to the recent snow days and not to mention it was Valentines Day.

Had every intention of working out until a group project at school turned into a 5 hour stint. It really should have only been 3 hours. Oh well. 

Not the best week of consistency but I got 3 workouts in. I'm really starting to feel stronger and that's awesome. I haven't been this determined with diet and exercise in a long time. 

Thanks to pintrest for this weeks motivation

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