Monday, February 24, 2014

CrossFit Day 4

I didn't make any workouts over the weekend, as it was just too busy. Group work on Saturday and Sunday, Outback Friday and Sunday nights.

But I was back in the box for today's WOD during lunch.

Front Squat 4x4 - 135lb


10 min
Power Snatch 115/80 ( I did 75, up from 65 last week)
Toes to Bar (toes to post)

-in remaining time, AMRAP of
Burpee box jumps, 24/20 - 

For the Front Squat I warmed up with one round 75. Added 2 more 15's and did another round. I thought that was getting pretty heavy and I was going to add 10's to either side but Pam gave me a push into the 15s. I'm glad she did. I completed the 4x4 with 135 and felt good about it. The coaches at CHC are very good and are quite helpful in determining where to start etc as I get used to new workouts and movements. 

I completed the 15-12-9 in 6:36 and then got 18 reps of burpee box steps. I didn't feel quite ready to try the 24 box jump. Next time I'm giving it a go. Reps will go down but I think I can do it. 

It was so nice we did our Front Squats in the sun today. Picture from CHC's facebook page.

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