Sunday, January 12, 2014

Successful Sunday

I'd call today a success.

I did the school work needed for tomorrow.
Followed that with some bike maintenance, and a short 5.5 mile ride. Did 2 loops on the roads around the apartment.

I was called into work early becasue they'd been slammed all day, but it was slowing down when I got there and we never got really busy tonight.

After I left outback I decided to stop by the planet fitness in Kernersville and do a chest / back workout.
I'd planned on doing that before class tomorrow but Tara has a thing at school and I need to run by and take care of Trixie before class.

Tonight's workout:
Bench Burnout - 8, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2, starting weight 8 - that one goes up on weight progressivly
Incline DB Press
DB Curls
Lat pull downs
Decline Bench
Chest Flys - machine
Barbell back extensions

Glad I had the gym bag in the car with me so I could get that workout in tonight.

Got home and cooked a can of green beans and some shrimp. Eating for fuel and not for pleasure at every single meal is still going to be my biggest hurdle.

School starts back tomorrow so life gets crazy again. I can't believe the break is over already.

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