Thursday, January 9, 2014

Payoff Day!!

Today's the day I complete what turned out to be one hell of a journey.

Today the payments for the rest of my credit card debt were sent.

I am 100% Credit Card Debt Free.

No store cards. No paypal pay later junk. No credit debt.
The only time I plan on using credit going forward is when travelling or for work.

I've worked part time at Outback since February 2013 and paid a lot that way, and managed money so much better in 13. I hope to continue to improve on that and do an even better job in 14.

They year is off to a great start!

I still have debt that I'm paying from a loan I took when I got divorced and I have student loans but I have a plan for all of that.

I should be able to pay off my smallest student loan or my car loan by July of 15. Not sure which I want to attack first although I'm leaning towards the car as its the larger monthly payment due and then attack the other loan.

Today is a day of celebration for me!

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