Friday, January 17, 2014

Week in Review 1-17-14

Monday -
School is back in session and after more years than I'd like to admit, I am 1 year away from being done with this MBA. Tara had a after school thing so I worked through lunch and went home around 4 to give Trixie some time out of the crate and to do homework.

Class was actually pretty interesting. The professor is cool and although there will be a lot of work, I anticipate this being a great class. From what I've heard from my friends who've already graduated they learned a lot in this course.

Tuesday -
Busy day at the MS Society but once again worked through lunch, this time so I could get to the gym before class. C

10 min warm up on the treadmill. 
Skull Crusher
Tricep extension
Standing dumbbell Flys
Tricep Pulldowns
Leg Press
Calf Extensions
Assisted Pull-up Machine
Hammer Curl into Shoulder Press

Most were 3x10
Legs were 4x10

Class was good. It's one of the 3 finance courses I added to get the concentration in finance. I think I'm really going to enjoy that one.

Wednesday - Work & Work. Great meeting with our bike shop who coordinates all the other shops for Bike MS, and nothing special at Outback. Slow night. Weighed in at 231.4. Down .6 from the previous week and still on track to loose the 5 pounds I set out for in January.

Thursday -
I'd planned to workout after work but didn't have it in me. I went home and crashed. Ate too much pizza at a committee meeting at lunch and that just made me feel terrible. Tara and I cooked fish and asparagus and I added my fish to a big salad.

Friday -
Friday's are my longest days of the week. Normally 15 hours with both jobs and I close at Outback. But I have Saturdays' off to study, cycle and golf.

MLK is Monday and the weather is supposed to be nice. I am really looking forward to either golfing or cycling and may try to mash both in.

Hope everyone's had a great week.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Successful Sunday

I'd call today a success.

I did the school work needed for tomorrow.
Followed that with some bike maintenance, and a short 5.5 mile ride. Did 2 loops on the roads around the apartment.

I was called into work early becasue they'd been slammed all day, but it was slowing down when I got there and we never got really busy tonight.

After I left outback I decided to stop by the planet fitness in Kernersville and do a chest / back workout.
I'd planned on doing that before class tomorrow but Tara has a thing at school and I need to run by and take care of Trixie before class.

Tonight's workout:
Bench Burnout - 8, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2, starting weight 8 - that one goes up on weight progressivly
Incline DB Press
DB Curls
Lat pull downs
Decline Bench
Chest Flys - machine
Barbell back extensions

Glad I had the gym bag in the car with me so I could get that workout in tonight.

Got home and cooked a can of green beans and some shrimp. Eating for fuel and not for pleasure at every single meal is still going to be my biggest hurdle.

School starts back tomorrow so life gets crazy again. I can't believe the break is over already.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Payoff Day!!

Today's the day I complete what turned out to be one hell of a journey.

Today the payments for the rest of my credit card debt were sent.

I am 100% Credit Card Debt Free.

No store cards. No paypal pay later junk. No credit debt.
The only time I plan on using credit going forward is when travelling or for work.

I've worked part time at Outback since February 2013 and paid a lot that way, and managed money so much better in 13. I hope to continue to improve on that and do an even better job in 14.

They year is off to a great start!

I still have debt that I'm paying from a loan I took when I got divorced and I have student loans but I have a plan for all of that.

I should be able to pay off my smallest student loan or my car loan by July of 15. Not sure which I want to attack first although I'm leaning towards the car as its the larger monthly payment due and then attack the other loan.

Today is a day of celebration for me!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

Down 1.6 from last Wednesday's weigh in. Todays weight 232.00

To be honest I'd like to see the pounds fall off a little quicker but since I'm trying to workout and eat better this go round, I'm not doing any extreme diet changes. Just working to stay under 2000 calories. I'd like to drop 4-5 pounds a month for the 1st 3 months and then re-evaluate everything. I may try a more Paleo approach at that time. 

Today is a non workout day, as I will be working 2 jobs. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex & Another Good Workout

So we have this polar vortex. Its brought the coldest temperatures of my adult life to the area. Low of 5, with a -10 windchill here in Greensboro, and a high of about 25. Talk about cold. Now if it would only snow a little bit.

After word I headed to the gym again. Weigh in day tomorrow hope it goes good.

From my post in the pumphouse thread at Bunkers Paradise:

My S&C coach TC told me how I should structure my workouts today so that's what I did tonight. 
I let my buddy pick the exercises but I told him Back & Chest.

I warmed up with 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill with an incline between 5-10.

Dumbbell Chest Flys
Dumbbell Bench Press
Lat Pull Downs
Back Extension
Overhead Dumbell Extensions followed by Push Ups

Pretty solid workout. I'm already a little sore, I'm sure I'm gonna fill this tomorrow. 

Made veg beef soup for dinner, had a bowl of that with a large spinach and veggie salad. Ready to weigh in tomorrow morning and see what kind of progress I've made this week.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday - January 6th

After a wise decision on Saturday to not pick up a shift and have a great day with my wife, I got back to working out Sunday.

Warmed up with a mile on the treadmill and then did shoulders and back with Ryan. It's nice to have a friend that goes to the same gym I do again.

Today after work I headed over to the gym and had a great workout.

Bike - 10 min
Stairclimber - 10 min
Treadmill - 10 min

Hammer Curls
Overhead Tri
Barbell Curls
Chest Press

Tonight is the NCAA Football National Championship game and I'm looking forward to kicking back and watching FSU & Auburn battle. I'm pulling for FSU because the ACC has had a rough few years in football.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday - A Day Off

I made the decision not to pick up an extra shift at outback yesterday and it seems to have been one of the smartest things I've done. I was wore out and run down and having a restful day was just perfect.

We hung out around the house and finally around 3pm went out and did a little shopping. Got a new cutting board thats bad ass at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Also picked up a coat rack and a K Cup storage container. Real exciting stuff.

We got home and put up the coat hanger, and put together an awesome new floor lamp that we received for Christmas.

Later in the evening we went out to Phoenix Asian Cuisine (similar to a PF Changs) and had a great meal.

Back to the house for some more down time and football watching.

It was a nearly perfect Saturday. Just hanging out at home and spending time with the wife.

Just this week left before things get crazy again. Next Monday school kicks off and its off to the races.
Class Monday and Tuesday. Outback - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. That leaves Thursday and Saturday for homework, etc.

I did give up a lot of my Wednesday night shifts in the past and will consider doing so again to keep up with the school work.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Trying to do the small things right now in addition to eating better and working out. 

I'm taking the stairs to the upstairs bathroom in our building at work. It's only one flight and only a few times a day but I suppose it's better than nothing. 

Happy Friday - Quick Update

Happy Friday from my little corner of the interwebs.

No workout planned today as it's a two jobs 9a-11p kinda day.

Happy to report, the scale was kind this morning and I woke up less fat than I was yesterday.
I couldn't' be happier that the new year / new me stuff is being done by healthy eating and working out.

I'd already be cranky as a cobra if I were doing 0 carbs and high protein.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll check in again soon.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Over It

I'm so over being a fat ass.

I'm embarrassed and ashamed of the way I've let myself go again. Mid summer I was down to 214 pounds. Today I weighed in at 233.6. Yesterday the scale needed batteries, it looked like it said 239, but I'd guess it was closer to 235 after the pig I was on New Years Eve.

I ate terrible on the 29th and 31st, and did really well on the 30th and I went to the gym on the 31st.

However, I went out with a bang and feel like I landed with a thud in 2014. I have a resolutions post planned as well as a look back at last year's resolutions. I did well in some and failed miserably with health, finishing the year up 8 pounds from where I started it at.

I type this as a sweaty mess as I just returned from the gym. I didn't want to go. But there was no reason not too. I was tired from a day of work but it's only a 1 job day, so I decided to get to the apartment gym, its a short walk away.

This is the year I change my life through being healthy, including diet and exercise, not just cutting carbs, or trying to workout 2 hours a day. Those things are unsustainable. I want to develop and enjoy healthier eating habits and exercise more.

I will say that in 2014, my number one goal is health. If I go a long time w/o updating my blog or twitter, please ask how I'm doing. Help hold me accountable.

At the gym I did:
3x10 Lat Pull Downs
3x15 Chest Press
3x10 Curls
3x10 Tricep Pulls

I did between 25-50 jump ropes between each set for a total of 410 jumps. I love the RX Smart Gear Gauntlet Grey jump rope I bought on cyber Monday. I've always wanted a quality speed rope and they make a great one. I don't plan on doing cross fit but jump rope is about the best interval workout I can get. It pushes my heart rate through the roof.

To finish the night I did
3x10 Squats
3x10 Lunges
3x6 golf rotational work

I've had a stellar eating day and have a great meal planned for tonight that I'm about to go cook. I should finish the day between 1800-2000 calories.

I don't know if I'm ready to put an number on the weight I want to be at. I need to do some soul searching first. That will be available as a measuring stick within the next two weeks.

If anyone is embarking on the same journey I am. Good luck.