Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick Update

I've made some damn fine strides lately. A few weeks ago I PR'd my back squat, on a 10x3 set. We did 1 rep max the next week and I PR'd by 60 pounds. I lifted 285 which was phenomenal for me. I failed at 295, so I think that 300 is achievable. 

I've switched from no gluten, no sugar to low sugar, low gluten, watching macro nutrients. 
I didn't do official measurements, I need to do that this weekend to keep on track but when i did them myself before Thanksgiving I was down another .5 in my waist and a couple of inches in my hips if i measured correctly, also .5 in my chest. 

I've dropped a few more pounds and I can tell that it's fat loss now. 

I'm also getting a lot better at the cardio based wod's and pushing through. 

The weights still aren't increasing at a fast clip, but I don't expect them too, the wrist is pretty limiting on some of the lifts and I'd rather have great form and add weight slowly then just muscle weight around. I try my best to stick to that, I didn't earlier this week and did some crappy form on a snatch that was a bit heavy for me. Live and learn. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Had to squeeze in the workout at lunch today since I had to work tonight.

Strength was 1 rep max bench. 
When I first got the use of two hands back it hurt like hell just using the bar. Today 115. BAMF. Lol

4 rounds for time
10 deadlifts
10 toes to bar
10 sumo dead high pull with KB
10 KB swings


Pretty good time. Felt good and pushed hard today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grace Again & Pacing Lesson Learned

I may not have been documenting my progress as much but I'm still progressing. I can't figure out why I stopped writing down notes exactly but more of a combination of things. Yes, playing Clash of the Clans had some to do with it. Other factors is I can track it in WODIFY so why do I need every workout on my blog. I think about adding them into a spreadsheet for when I don't' have wodify, that seems like the best alternative and doing weekly posts or just noting different things. And lastly I guess I'm not worried about falling off the wagon. I do like the motivation from sharing in here so I need to stay with that because I like seeing everyone progress and get BAMF'd up. I'm dedicated to getting better at CrossFit. I understand that none of the weights I lifted in my first 5 months really matter anymore. I can't compare now and then because I was just getting discouraged at what I used to do. I have new PR's in everything. One day I may surpass the before injury days but I'm working hard and seeing gains and that's awesome. 

Couple of workouts to note. Ever since I was training for Barbells for Boobs I decided to add Grace to my schedule every 4-6 weeks. Trying to add 10# each time as I work my way up to more weights. I last did Grace at the beginning of October at 65# so this time (Saturday 11/8)she weighed in at 75#. I know that you need to keep moving and stay under control. I also know that if you go out to hard that you'll suffer at the end. I went out really good, maybe a touch hard and the first 20 reps were no problem, I slowed slightly but didn't break, and the last 2 reps were tough, still unbroken. Time 1:40. Up five pounds in weight, down 6 seconds!

I'm a realist, and I fully expect my Grace times to start creeping up and over 2 minutes as the weights increase. I haven't set a time but if I had to guess I wouldn't move up 10# the next month if my time went over 4 minutes? Maybe 3? Guess we will see when the time comes. 

And then yesterday during the WOD I learned a valuable pacing lesson. 
AMRAP 10 min:
10 bar facing burpees
15 thursters (fran weight)
20 Chest to BAr

I did 65# and ring rows. Anyway, after the first round I felt like I could push harder. Instead of ramping up the intensity I jacked that shit all the way to 10 and flew threw the second 10 burpees. When I grabbed the barbell I knew I'd made a mistake as I couldn't control my breath. I wanted to push, to redline and hold it there for the last 5-6 minutes. I should have gotten in 3 rounds but I ended with 2 full rounds, 10 burpees and 6 thursters. It's all about that pace. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OC Challenge Results

So the challenge my box did for those of us interested was for the month of September. 

It was gluten free or paleo. And sugar free. 

I don't do a ton of bread / pasta anyway, but I do eat a decent amount of cheese so I chose gluten free. 

As I said the gluten wasn't a big deal for me but the sugar free part made a huge impact. 

September is my busiest month at my job and I usually just get to where I eat crap. And then we have a top fundraiser party, a rest stop captains picnic and is eat cake and other stuff there. This challenge helped me focus a lot on my eating habits. 

I also realized there is added sugar in so many foods. I started drinking black coffee a week before the challenge and it took a few days but now I love it. I don't use salad dressings with added sugar. I stopped eating a lot of other condiments as well. No more mindless snacking on Oreos or other cookies that are brought into the break room. 

I still got plenty of carbs through corn, sweet potatoes, post workout protein shakes, Lara bars, etc. 

I've kept eating this way all through October with one cheat of some frozen yogurt the day the challenge ended. 

I am going to turn in a food journal weekly for a while to a coach now that the challenge is over and I don't have a partner looking at them. I want to make sure I'm eating enough and the right things to continue fat loss. I will also be getting measurements monthly.  

During September I lost 10 pounds (really 7.5, I gained 2.5 the last day of August)

I lost 5 total inches. 1 in my arms, starting to see muscle definition there. 

Lost 1 in my chest, 2 in my stomach, and 1 in my waist. 

Gained a few in my legs from all the squats, but that's good fat burning muscle so I'm good with that. 

I haven't lost much weight this month another 2-3 pounds, so I'm interested to see the measurements later this week. 

I feel great and am happy with how I eat now. There must really be something to the 21 days to make a habit. Eariler this week I wanted something sweet and I was thinking half a protein shake it an apple. Those wouldn't have been in my top 10 a few months ago.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Funday


Good partner WOD followed by Yoga yesterday. 

Teams of 3. 
1 team mate is always running a 300m. The teaming 2 split the following. 

20 min AMRAP:
30 KBS
30 abmat sit-ups
30 goblet squats
30 double understand

This was a good one and I was on a good team. We used the run as our rest period and split the Kbs and squats by 10 while the jump rope and abmat sit-ups were done by 1 person. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Grace with a dash of Cindy


10-8-6-4-2 Clean & Jerk
After each round, do 2 rounds of Cindy

5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

I went up 10 pounds on the grace weight from eariler in the month. 

After the first round I switched to 15 ring rows / 15 air squats (twice) after each set of Grace. 

Even with using Dumbbells for a stable push-up I was going way to right arm dominate and I knew I couldn't keep it up. 

Finished in just over 20 minutes. So about 180 squats and ring rows. Ouch. Felt good with most of the C&J and will be sticking to my plan to retest grace every month with 10 more pounds as I continue to work on my wrist. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Barbells for Boobs

**I'm trying to raise $1,000 in 10 days. As a person who works in fundrasing, "we" are always telling our participants that they can do that, so I need to put my "money" where my mouth is. I did a self pledge, and am hoping that I can get 100 people to sponsor me for $10 or more. 

After 5 hours I have $91. 910 to go!

Please consider making a donation at**

The Barbells for Boobs fundraiser was held at my gym on October 11th.

We did Helen meets Grace with a Twist.

Helen - 3RFT
400m run
21 Kettlebell swings
12 Pull Ups (ring rows for scaled)


30 - Clean & Jerks

The twist this year was the Kettlebell couldn't touch the ground until Grace. The running with the KB was a real pain in the ass. I had to substitute a KB Clean & Jerk as I just wasn't quite ready to get the barbell up with my wrist.

My partner was John and our goal was to have a good time and help raise money. We did both and even finished on the podium. Hey, 3 out of 3 still gets you on the podium!

And the kicker is that we were super hero themed. I was Clark Kent & John's hero was clearly the Cat in the Hat.

We had a great time & I'm already looking forward to next year, and another competition. It's a great way to push yourself and something fun to be "in-training" for.

Clark Kent

Anita being held by her son Joe. Anita is a survivor, and she works her tail off in the box!

Clark Kent & The Cat in the Hat

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Great Day! 21-15-9 Cleans / Burpees

Today was 1 rep max power clean. I got 10 pounds more than last week when I was working in it. Still can't really turn the wrist good and the weights get heavy fast. 115 today failed at 125 a few times. 

Then for the metcon 
Power Clean

I went with 75# which is 10 more than grace last week but still heavy enough I couldn't go unbroken. I am really please with my effort today. I just kept moving. In the competition I had that was like this but had deads / burpees the burpees slowed me down more. 

9 minutes which was the fastest non Rx time (RX was 155). I fully understand that my weights were lighter than many but with the way i stayed consistent I feel really good about today. 

Catching Up

I'm about a week behind on posting about my workouts so this will be a quick rundown.

We did a heavy Sumo Deadlift 3rep heavy scheme where I worked up to 245#. That's the most I've got off the ground since late june with my injury so I was happy with that.

The Metcon was a 14min EMOM
Odd: 5 Sumo Deads (185 maybe), 15 air squats and AMRAP Double Unders. I did single - single - double each time but only counted the doubles for the score.

Back Squat 3x3 across was next and I PR'd that again this week with 205#.

Class was cancelled (school) so I went in and did some C&J work to get ready for Barbells for Boobs on Saturday and then did one off the crossfit main site. 10x250 rowing intervals with 2 min rest between. That was a pretty good one and I kept every 250 under a minute most were right in the 55 second range.

10/10/14 Friday

More C&J work. Up to 105 pounds so the 95 for Barbells 4 Boobs should be okay.

First time Rx'ing a metcon in a while.
12 Slam Balls 30#
12 Abmat situps
200m run.

Man I suck at running

Barbells 4 Boobs will be it's own post soon.

10/12/14 - Sunday
Yoga Only. Needed some rest and the

10/13/14 - Monday
Birthday WOD
Buy in: 32 Calorie Row
3 Rounds:
10KB Snatches
13 Goblet Squats
2 Rounds:
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
13 Toes to Bar
Cash Out: 32 KB Swings

I wasn't feeling great on this one and my grip felt weak (left hand..) and slippery so I did abmat situps and not Toes to Rings. This one was tough.

10/15/14 - Tuesday
No School for fall break so I was able to workout today too. Which is good becasue I will be off Thursday (class) - Sunday (working an event out of town)

2 Back to back Metcons.
10 Push Press - I did 75#
10 Box Jump - I did 24 inch (most I've jumped at that height in a metcon)

Rest 5 Minutes

For Time
100-80-60-40-20 Double unders (singles x2)
25-20-15-10-5 Abmat Situps


I really also suck at jumping and need to get back to practicing this. It kills my calves and I need to work on double unders because that's one skill I should be able to master in the next few months. I can move my wrist enough for that now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grace & Her Friends

I did Grace on Friday, knowing that she was programmed for Monday. But I was working on C&J already, and wanted to see how it went. Plus, we have Barbells for Boobs On the 11th and it's Helen meets Grace, so I wanted to start to get comfortable with this girl as we hadn't met before.

I worked up to 70 pounds, and let me just say the difference between 65 and 70 felt like 30 pounds on my wrist. Overly cautious? All in my head? Maybe, but it was a stout difference. 65 really wasn't too bad after I got comfortable with it.

Grace - 2:15. Went out of the gate too hard and the last 15 were tougher than the first 15 but all in all not too terribly bad, but again, that's a pretty light barbell.

Saturday - was an off day as my wife and I spent the day with family and we attended an Alzheimer's walk in honor of her grandmother.

Sunday - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

They wanted us using the same Fran weight and Nancy weight, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to going in. After warming up I was able to get comfortable enough with the OHS that I went with 65#

Fran was 65# and Ring Rows and I finished her in 5:45. My first Fran experience. During the round of 15 I remember thinking, everyone is right, this is a damn good workout.

Started off with a decent paced run on Nancy but the OHS got heavy and I had to drop twice. I only did 1 run, 15 OHS and another run.

Annie - doesn't seem like it should be too bad doing singles and ab mat sit ups. But sit ups definitely go in my suck bbucketand I started to cramp up during them. Didn't make it through the round of 40 and was disappointed with that.

After that, I did our Yoga class. It felt great to get stretched out.

Grace Again:
Warmed up with 75 pounds but decided to stick with 65# with Grace again. Afterwards I wished I'd gone with the heavier weight and certainly will again soon. I think I'll test Grace once a month and make sure I'm adding weight each time until my wrist is strong enough to make it happen at the Rx'd 135.

Grace - 1:46

Also did 5x5 Front Squats before that. After Grace I continued to work on the C&J to get my wrist used to more weight. At Barbells for Boobs this weekend the scaled weight is 95 (its a partner WOD) and I have worked up to that weight now. I think I'll do more work today and get to 115 so 95 feels more comfortable.

To finish off with, the conditioning, next level was 3x1000m row with 3 min rest between intervals.

Friday, October 3, 2014

OC Challenge WOD 3 Retest

Another solid night in the box. 

Retest #3 for the challenge month. 

Wall balls
Box jump overs
Abmat sit-ups

Last time -3:47
This time - 3:03

I wanted to go sub 3 but I'm really happy with this effort. Last time I didn't jump I did box steps. I was pleased with my jumps tonight. 

Since I was off today I went in early to do some work on Clean and Jerks. Getting used to having weight on the bar and getting the wrist back in order. 

Got pretty comfortable with 65# and then decided to try grace. We have a partner event next weekend for Barbells for Boobs and it's Helen meets Grace. 

I want to do both before and then I will know what it feels like and should be better with a partner. 

My time for lite Grace was 2:15

Scaled next weekend, is supposed to be 95 but they are going to scale for me to whatever weight I need. I am gonna try but I really don't know if I will be at 95 before next Saturday. It's not like we were going to win, I just want to be able to compete. 

It's funny but just adding 5 pounds in the bar feels like 20 or more wen I clean it. No problem on the pull, it's just the wrist, but it's getting there. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OC Challenge - Retest #2

Damn good day at the Box!

We had the retest of the 2nd Challenge WOD.

15 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
5 Push Press

Last time I was still one handed working out and used a 16kg KB. I thought it was probably too light as I finished the WOD in 4:01.

We have to retest with the same weight / etc as the first time. I knew that I'd need to go unbroken this time or damn near close to it to beat that time.

So, unbroken I went. 90 reps straight through the damn thing.
2:26 this time.

I don't miss working out 1 handed at all.

I felt good about the early part of the workout too. Working up to a heavy Push Jerk. I actually used a bar with weights for the first time tonight. It was a 22# bar with 40 pounds on it. I can clean / jerk / press etc. I'm getting things back slowly. Throwing a barbell around is about as good of PT as you can get in my opinion.

And to end the night I did the next level, 3x3 Back Squats.

PR'd that by 10 pounds. 195. Not super heavy, and I could have done more, but a PR is a PR.

Ready for Friday's 3rd retest. After all those are done I'll update my results from the challenge.

Monday, September 29, 2014

OC Challenge 1 - retest

My challenge at the box has 3 workouts associated with it. 

Today was the retest of the first one. 

Calorie Row / Burpees

In the first of the month I was still one arm rowing and did burpees at a 5 to 3 ratio. So my burpees were 15-12-9-6

As we are testing we were supposed to stay the same. So today I rowed with 1 arm again  and did the burpees. 

I knew the time would be made up on the burpees as I was still not ready to go all out with the arm / etc last time. I pushed really hard this time

Last time I got with 17:01
This time 13:48

I'm damn happy with the improvement 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ouch - 9.24.14

Tonight's WOD beat me up more than I expected it to. 

50 wall balls / 200 singles
40 / 160

Used the 10lb ball. Still feels a little funny throwing the 14. Gonna be a bit before I can get the 20 going. 

And i suck at jump rope. It hurts my feet and my calves. I guess i just need to do it more. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

1500/150 Benchmark WOD

Did one of my own benchmark WODs yesterday. First time I've tried it being able to use 2 hands. 

500m row / 50 squats


I shaved a minute off my one handed time but all things considered I was still a little slow. The squats just hurt me. We had wall balls on Saturday and I was way more sore than I thought I would be. 

Stuck around for the yoga / mobility class to get some extra stretching in. 

Last night we went to Tara's parents house for a birthday dinner and I took my own prepackaged meal and had some green beans. It sucked not eating all the delicious home cooked food. Under normal circumstances Id make an exception to the diet I'm on but I couldn't during this challenge. It's not worth 100 burpees for both my partner and myself. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fight Gone Bad


Fight Gone Bad
Another benchmark workout meant to replicate a fight setting. 5 min on / 1 min off

1 minute each station before transitioning. Rest 1 min

There are a 3 round and 5 round variety. We did 3 rounds today. 

Wall Balls
Sumo deadlift high pull (75#)
Box jumps (20")
Push press (75#)
Row for Calories

I did a 10lb wall ball. 14 felt a little rough still catching it with the wrist. 
Did the 75# sumo - not the best decision
Box jumps - pleased that I did all jumps 
Push press - 22lb bar and it didn't feel great but no sharp pains
Row - now problems

202 total reps
If I'd scaled the sumo I would have gotten more reps but during the workout I noticed I was right hand dominate and only did 5-10 of those each round. 

Before class I did some work with bench press that was just the bar. It's heavy and uncomfortable because of the mobility issues in my left wrist. It was a good stretch and I think my recovery will really be helped with what I'm doing in the box. 

Didn't let my head get in the way today and feel good about things again. 


Yesterday destroyed me. 
Mentally and physically. 

Had a clean and jerk EMOM and I was just planning on using the bar. Felt like I should be able to do that and work on the mobility required for that. 

Well the 45# bar just wasn't happening. I got a 22# bar and could get around on the clean. I did 3 EMOM for 9 min and honestly it got easier towards the end and the wrist felt good, but a little sore. 

It was just frustrating because I knew id be 100+ pounds under where I was but after I couldn't do the 45 bar I was just irritated. 

Then the workout was 
Kettlebell Swings

Did a light kettlebell (12kg) as it was my first time doing a KBS with 2 hands. I still have to use 1 arm to get up off the floor with the burpees. Hoping to slowly get back to getting 2 hands to get up. After about 20 burpees my arm / shoulder starts to feel the burn. 

I was slow. Bottom line. 

I know that I need to focus on what I have been doing and stay positive. I think I've done that for the most part but now that I have no restrictions, as I get back into the movements it's going to be tough. 

I'm gonna let those frustrations go and focus on each movement as starting over and build up. There's no way I can keep thinking "what I used to do" right now. 

It's a new day and we have fight gone bad for 3 rounds. Gotta get ready to have fun and kick ass. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Good report at the doctor and while I have a good ways to go to have normal mobility they have removed any restrictions in PT and life. With the instruction that I don't do anything stupid and if I have sharp pains stop. 

Obviously I can't clean or snatch because the wrist doesn't move well enough but back squats, dead lifts , rowing etc I'm allowed to use both hands. 

Tonight we had 3x3 back squats. 

The 10-8-6-4-2 climbing Deadlifts. No dropping in the srts, they were touch and go. The weights for the deads are embarrassing because it's like starting over. Started at 95 and climbed to 165. But it was nice to get my hands on a barbell again and get started back in the right direction. 

After class the next level was 3 x 750 m row with 1:30 rest. I swear I can row as fast or faster with one arm. Gonna take some getting used too. 

12 week doctor follow up

News from the doctor is Released without restrictions! With the instructions that 1.pain is to be my guide ( sore = okay / sharp shooting pain = stop ) and 2. Don't be stupid. 

Nice to get a barbell in my hands tonight. It's like starting over with the amount of weight to use. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Saw this one on the board and thought "damn that looks tough"

400m run
30 box jumps
30 Wall Balls


I did wall balls for the first time since getting hurt so I did the 8 pound ball to get used to catching something of weight. Also did box steps. I need to get better at box jumps. I need to do jumps a few times a week or something. Need to do some more running as well.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy freaking week. Fitting in WODs where I can

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
In 2 mins complete: (7 Rounds)
200m Run
7 Dead Lifts

Rx Plus: (335/225) + Max reps of Strict Handstand Push ups in the remaining time

Rx: (275/ 185) + Max reps of Double unders in the remaining time
Rest 1 minute between rounds, score is total number of HSPU or DU

I scaled the run to 150 and did singles. It was a good workout. Similar to one we'd done a while back but different enough to push. I scaled the run because I'm still slow and he wanted us back in the door in time to get the DL's and onto the last part.

My singles were as follows - 41 - 20-40-53-35-40-54
Something like that. I pushed hard at the end. Have to jump rope by spinning the rope with only one wrist, its interesting.

Metcon (Time)
Partner WOD
100 M Run
100 Double Unders
80 Slam Balls, 30/20
60 Pull Ups
40 Burpee over Partner Holding Plank
20 DB Thrusters, 45/25
Start with a 100 meter run and every 3 minutes both partners have to complete a 100 m run
Only one partner works at a time

Rx (as written)

Did this one with Andy. We finished up at 14:52 or 8 seconds to spare before having to run again.
We did 200 singles, I did kb snatch in place of slam ball, and a 1 armed rr in place of pull ups.
He did more of the burpees and I knocked out the majority of the thursters to finish.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Catching Up for a Week - "31 Heros, Kettlebell Hell & More"

9/30/14 Saturday
"31 Heroes" (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
Teams of 2,
8 Thrusters (155/105)
6 Rope Climbs
11 BJ (30/24)
*One partner always running
400m with 45/25 plate

RX Plus (as written)
Rx (135/95) (24/20)

I did this one by myself and did an 8 cal row, 6 box jumps an 11 air squats for 31 minutes. Good workout. It was hot! I didn't do the single arm thursters because I thought I'd be fried by the end of a half hour.

On 8/6/11 30 Men and 1 K9 died in action serving our country. This WOD is dedicated to them.
More info on the 31 Heros website here

9/31/14 Sunday
Metcon (Time)
Partner Wod
4 RFT:
30 Calorie Row
30 KBS, 24/16
30 Burpees
The reps must be split into equal increments.

Partnered with Adam.
We split the row into 15 cal each
KBS in 5's
Burpees in 5's.

I did one round with the one armed burpees and the other 3 rounds with 10 air squats in place of the 5 burpees.

9/1/14 Monday
Labor Day Fun!
Metcon (Time)
For Time
1 mile Run
50 Wall Balls, 20/14
40 BJ, 24/20
30 Burpees
20 Power Snatches, 95/65

Fun huh? I did a 100 cal airdyne bike ride, took about 9 - 10 minutes.
50 single arm kb thrusters
40 box steps ups
3 rounds - 5 burpees / 10 squats
20 kb snatch

9/2/14 Tuesday
OC Crush Challenge 1 (There are 3 bench mark workouts in our gluten free / paelo challenge, my partner and i are doing Gluten Free)

OC Challenge WOD 1 (Time)
25, 20, 15, 10
Calorie Row
Rest 2 Min between rounds

I did the burpees on a 3:5 ratio, 3 for every 5 perscribed.
17 minutes even. Hope I can improve on that in 4 weeks when we retest.

9/3/14 Wednesday
We did paused front squats (me with a kb) of 3x3 with a 10 second pause at the bottom.

OC Challenge WOD 2 (Time)
15 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
5 Push Press

RX Plus (115/75)
Rx (95/55)

I went with a 16kg Kettle Bell and should have probably went with a 24kg. Honestly I was afraid to go too heavy because there have been a few times that my arm just was toasted when I finished the workout.

Time 4:01. Fastest by far. Lightest weight by far as well.

Somehow Micky convinced me to run a mile before class with her. First time I'd run that much in 10 weeks, since I'd gotten hurt.

9/5/14 Friday
OC Challenge WOD 3 (Time)
Wall Balls
Box Jump Overs
Abmat Sit Ups

Rx plus (20/14)(24/20)
Rx (14/10)(20/18)

This one was an all our sprint.
I used the 8kg kb for single arm thrusters in place of wall balls.
Not comfortable with box jumps as much so I did steps.

Ran a mile with Mickey and Erica before class.

9/6/14 Saturday
“Kettlebell Hell” (6 Rounds for reps)
1. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of 1-arm KB Snatches from the hang in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute

2. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of 1-arm KB Clean and Jerks from the hang in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute

3. In 3 minutes complete:
25 KB Swings
15 Burpees
AMRAP of KB Goblet Squats in the remaining time. - KB can rest on chest.

Rest 5 minutes and repeat 1, 2 and 3 again.

Shit - that was hell. Damn, I ended with 63 total reps but holy smokes that's a tough one and it was hot and humid this morning.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm back! Had to take a week off due to the stitches from getting my pin out. 

Brutal WOD after a week off. The kind that don't look too bad but I've been around the block enough times to know those are the worst. 

Cash in- 32 cal row

3 rounds:

8 deads

27 jumping lunges

2 rounds:

8 pull ups

27 KB swings

Cash out 32 burpees


Modified for single arm

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pin comes out

Pin came out first thing this morning. 

The only downside is since I have stitches again I can't workout until they come out next Wednesday. Well that and showering with a bag on my arm again. 

PT starts Friday and then the "real" PT gets cranking next week when the stitches come out. 

Monday, August 18, 2014



A wowzer of metcon today



3 Power Snatch

15 wall balls

A mixture of Karen and Isabel. 

I did 50 single arm DB snatch and 4 rounds of 12 kg KB thrusters and 6 rounds with 8kg KB thrusters

17:26 later I was finished. Damn that was an ass kicker.

The aftermath


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beach Workouts

After a good 3 WODs this week we left for the beach Thursday. 

I had intentions of dropping in a box at the beach but after a rip / blister from DB double grace and 49 KB Deadlifts I decided to give the one arm workouts a few days off. 

I worked out with Tara instead. Friday was a 2.5 mile run / walk and Saturday was just a humid 2 mile walk. 

Looks like I'm refreshing and recharging from more than just work. 

It's been a great vacation and I'm truly sad to see it end. I won't have anytime off until after both Bike MS events I'm in charge of the logistics for and School starts this week. 

But, the positive is this is my last semester!

Finger Tip Feelings

A wild "side effect" if you want to call it that is that the feeling in the finger tips of my left hand seem hyper sensitive right now, after being pretty much unused for 6 weeks. 

A few pieces of sand seem like sand paper, soft shirts to the touch with the right feel coarse, etc. Touching the same items and feeling two different things like they are completely different items is wild. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 week broken wrist update



3 rep heavy deadlift 


14 min EMOM

Odd 7 Deadlifts (70%)

Even 200m run

So I was cleared to run today at my Drs appointment and I sucked at it. The coaches told me I might need to just do 100s since I hadn't ran in 6 weeks. I did 200 the first 3 rounds. 100 the next 3 rounds and 200 the last round. 

Used a KB for the Deadlifts and held it to my right side because I was over rotating my shoulder and the coaches didn't want me to chance injury. 

I hope to add some extra running back in a few times a week to build that endurance up. 

Best news of the day was a new brace / splint that doesn't effect the elbow except when I'm working out. During any workout I have to wear the previous removable cast for more stability.  


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Double Grace


Double Grace today

60 Clean and Jerks for time

The single arm version was -

60 DB snatches at 50#

6:20 and honestly it should have been faster I went out pretty fast and had to take a few breaks. 

But damn that was tough one. 

If someone would have told me 6 months ago what an amazing workout I would get in 6 minutes or so I would have laughed at them. All I knew about were endurance type workouts. 



We had Jackie last night

1000m row

50 thrusters - 45#

30 pull-ups


The single arm modified version was:

1000m row

50 thrusters with a 20# DB

30 single arm ring rows 

I killed the row for a 1 arm dude. Did the 1k in 4:13 and was pumped by that. Probably a little too quick because I had to break the thrusters up. Then the ring rows went well. 


I'm really pleased with that and look forward to seeing Jackie again when i have 2 hands

Monday, August 11, 2014

PR for Pat

20 min AMRAP
6 power cleans
12 burpees
18 TTB
200m run

The one arm modified version looks like this:
6 KB clean 24kg
12 burpees
18 toes to rig
1:15 on the airdyne 

This is a great workout. I really enjoyed it. 
I made it through 3 full rounds and 36 reps which was all but the last run. 

Friday, August 8, 2014


Tonight's WOD fucking destroyed me. 

21 front squats ( squats with a 24kg KB )

21 - KB swings ( KB snatch 16kg)

400 m run ( row for me)

15 front squats

15 KBS

400 row

9 front squats


400 row

Maybe it was because I thought it didn't look too bad and I expected to be able to power through. Whatever it was I got my ass handed to me. 

In the 15 set of KB snatches my arm got tired and it was a struggle from that point right to the end. 

I haven't been that trashed by a WOD in a while. 

Before the WOD I did a 50 cal airdyne warm up for a little extra cardio 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Row, Row, and more rowing

800m row
50 abmat sit-ups
25 supermans

In rounds 2 & 3 I only did 25 sit ups. Slow WOD. 

Thats a lot of single arm rowing. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Broken Wrist - 4 week update

My new companion for the next several weeks. 

I can take it off for showers and the simple PT stuff they've started me on. 

Plan going forward: Pin stays in for 3-4 more weeks. Then PT to get the mobility back,  they think that will be 6-8 weeks.



5 RFT:

7 Deadlifts

30 air squats



For me:

5 rounds

7 single arm Deadlifts - 115lb

30 air squats

7 seated single arm dumbbell push press


Those squats started getting tough with the deads. A lot of back action. 

I was surprised with that as I've been an air squat machine lately. Probably didn't help that I had a cheat meal last night on vacation. 

PT Session 1

Not much happened with PT today. 

10 min heat compress. 4 flexion measurements. That's it. 

Don't think they remembered the pin is still in, til I got there. So I don't go back til it's out. 

Road to recovery continues. Slow for an impatient guy, but I'm following the Drs orders. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Retest "5-4-3-2-1"

Today's workout


500m row / 50 air squats, 400/40,etc

I've gotten faster at the 1 arm rowing as well as better at squatting. 

This was the first workout I did after 2 forced weeks off post surgery and I did it again today. I crushed the first time by around 7 minutes. Not sure if I should be amped at the improvement or embarrassed at the first time, maybe both. 

Also, this removable cast, while a pain in the rear, makes showering so much better. 

Time 14:04

Monday, July 28, 2014

Helen - Benchmark (W78)

Metcon - 7.28.14

"Helen" (Time)
3 RFT:
400m Run
21 KBS, 24/16kg
12 Pull ups


Back Squat (5 x 7, across)

The 1 arm, no running version of this was
2 min airdyne
21 SA KB snatch - 12kg
12 SA ring rows 

Another crossfit lady completed

I did the squats with a 16kg KB. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


10 min warn up on the airdyne. 

Then 250 air squats


Took longer than I thought it would. Did yogability afterwards. Maybe I will be able to walk tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is Helen. I haven't done her yet. Ready to give it a shot. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

25 min partner AMRAP


Another tough partner WOD today

25 min AMRAP
50 wall balls ( KB thruster for me)
40 KB swing 
30 Toes to bar ( to rig for me)
400m run (200 each) - I rowed

We switched every 5 reps to keep intensity up. It was tough but good.   

Enjoyed working out with Andy

Friday, July 25, 2014



Front Squat (10 x 3, across )


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
Complete As Many Reps As Possible in:
1 minute of Power Snatches, 135/95
1 minute rest
1 minute of Muscle ups
1 minute rest
1 minute of Power Clean and Jerks, 155/105
1 minute rest
1 minute of Muscle ups
1 minute rest
1 minute of Dead Lifts, 225/155
1 minute rest
1 minute of Muscle ups

RX Plus (as written)
RX (115/75) (135/95) (205/135)/ C2B or Pull Ups

Next Level

Metcon (Time)
1,000m Row
100 Double Unders
1 mile Run

87 total reps

rowed 2500m

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Partner WOD

I can see an early bed time in my future after tonight's partner WOD. 

500 row
12 burpees
21 box jumps ( steps to not jar the pin )

Partner 2 gets on the rower as soon as #1 is off. Each partner completes all 3 rounds. 

Blaha & I partnered up and he really pushed me through the last of the box steps.
This one drained me

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Satan's Whiskers


Single Arm Bench Supported Dumbbell Row (4 x 10, Each Arm )


"Satan's Whiskers" (Time)
10 C2B
10 Front Squats
10 Burpees

Rx Plus (165/115)
Rx (135/95)

10 SA RR
10 Front Squats - 16 kb KB
10 Burpees

Whitney gave me a good push when my SA burpees started going to shit in round 2

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sugar Daddy


Squat Snatch (Work up to a heavy Squat Snatch from the low hang )


"Sugar Daddy" (Time)
21-15-9 Dead Lifts, 225/155
400m Run after each round

RX+ (as written)
RX (205/135)

I did the deads @ 95lb single arm style
rode the airdyne for 2 min instead of running. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Squats & Lunges


Today's main WOD didn't really work out well to being scaled for a one arm guy so I did another WOD out of Mason's book. 

Warm Up - 1k row

15 min AMRAP
30 sec squat hold
30 lunges

Cool down -1k row

Did 6 full rounds, the hold and 1 squat before time was up. 181 lunges, yeah probably gonna feel that one. 

After that I did the weekly yoga class. It was tough but doable with one arm, and the flexability and mobility feels great after the class. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Partner WOD

Metcon (Time)
Teams of 2 Complete:
3 Mile run in increments of 400 m
200 Abmat Situps in increments of 25 reps
100 Air Squats in increments of 10 reps

One partner works while the other rests......each person must do equal amount of work and reps.

Partnered with Tia. I rowed. We worked hard. I hate 1 handed typing.

Also, I need to learn to do an abmat situps correctly.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chipper WOD

Skill - Stone to Shoulder

Metcon - Chipper
50 wall balls
400m run
30 burpees to plate
200m row
10 stone to shoulder
200m row
30 burpees to plate
400 m run
50 wall balls
For the stone to shoulder I worked with a 20lb slam ball and followed the movements. 

My chipper was:
50 KB thrusters (8kg)
400m row
30 air squats - step up to plate
200m row
10 slamball to shoulder
200m row
30 air squats - step up ( I did 10 burpees but the 1 arm variety was too slow)
400 m row
50 KB thrusters


I hadn't planned on doing this chipper, so kudos to coach Sharp for pushing me towards it, as a modified chipper. Great workout. I wish I could have done the burpees, but those will come. 

I also warmed up and cooled down with 500m rows. Got my 1 arm PR at 2:03

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sumo Day!

Yesterday's workout was:
Strength -
1 rep max sumo dead lift

Metcon - 
15 min EMOM
Min 1 - 6 sumo deads (60% 1 rm)
Min 2 - 20/10/20/10 hollow hold / rest
Min 3 - strict Toes to Bar ( no kipping, if TTB isn't there get on the group and do strict Toes to Rig)

I warmed up with a KB on the sumo deadlift and the coach had me switch to the bar. Getting the weights on the bar with 1 arm was about as challenging as the lift. 

I worked my way up to 165.  I could have kept going a bit heavier but it was getting hard to grip the bar. 

A classmate helped me strip some weight to get it down to 95 for the metcon. 

That went well but man the hollow holds can sure show you where your core strength is. 
Obviously I did toes to rig.

Completed all the reps. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Few 1 arm WODs

Got a good report from the doc today. Things are healing up nicely. Still gonna be a long haul down the road to recovery. 

I was told no weights at this point ( was planning on a little I arm, lightweight stuff) 

Anyway, cardio and body weight movements it will be for a bit. 
After a warmup I did a good workout. 
Today I made my own WOD

500 row -50 air squats / 400 row - 40 squats / 300 row - 30 squats / 200 row - 20 squats /100 row - 10 squats. 


It felt so damn good to get back in the gym. It's been a good day.

1k row 
30 seated 1 arm DB push press
( in the place of the classes 30 HSPU)
1k row 

--update - Tracy talked to my dr and I got clearance to do 1 arm weighted movements as long the left arm stayed stable by my side b/c of the pin. 

Today was a tough one. It was hot! I was kinda dragging going into the workout but was glad I got in there. 

20 box step ups
20- 1 arm rows
20 squats


 I did the strength piece which was 20 rep max jerk which for me was a single arm DB push press. 35#

10 KB squat clean thruster (16kg) 
400m row


Felt a lot better going into this one. And it was nice that it wasn't as hot out. Still a great workout. 

Too bad I negated it by eating pizza for dinner. At least it was thin crust, right?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My First Competition - Firestarter Challenge

Warning. This is going to be a long one. And have lots of pictures.

After taking a trip up to DC to watch the Regionals competition for the CrossFit games and cheer on the College Hill CrossFit gang I guess I was ready to jump in and try a competition. I'd read a few magazine articles about how competitions are for everyone, how much fun they are and how much you can learn from them. Anita at the gym had the same sentiments when I asked her about one she was doing.

I'd been looking at some of the competitions and most have an Rx (prescribed weights and movements) and a scaled division. No chance I would be doing Rx and scaled is still plenty tough, and has some movements I am still working hard to get the basics.

College Hill posted some local competitions on the facebook page and I found one called the Firestarter Challenge, held at Triangle CrossFit near Raleigh.
From the Firestarter Website: (The Firestarter Challenge offered by Triangle CrossFit in Raleigh, NC, is a fitness competition designed for athletes with novice and intermediate level abilities.  The event is a great opportunity to test your competitive spirit on an even playing field.  In other words, no Firebreathers allowed!)
(Firebreather = A popular term in the CrossFit community for an extremely fit person who has extraordinary power output.)

I thought, that sounds fun. I looked over the standards and fell into the novice catagory. After thinking about it a few days I signed up.

I waited a few weeks to tell anyone I'd signed up. Maybe I didn't want them to think I was crazy. Maybe I was still trying to convince myself that I wasn't crazy. Either way. I started asking some questions about pacing, how these things go, refueling, etc. The first 3 WODs were released a few weeks before things and the 4th (and 5th if you were in the top 5) was kept secret until the event. I ran the 1st and 3rd ones once in the weeks before the event.

Competition Day!

Getting some instructions

WOD 1:
10 Min AMRAP
200m Run
15 Dumbell Thursters (35)
The Run is 1 Rep

A thurster is a thruster. Not an easy movement. 

I finished with something like 12 more reps (including a run) than I had achieved in my practice run of this workout. 12th out of 17th in the Novice men as well. 
And then assumed the position I always am in after Thrusters (okay, most WODs)

WOD 2:
8 minutes to get a 3 rep max Overhead Squat
As soon as I saw this WOD released online I started working on mobility and overhead squats with a PVC pipe. I didn't have high expectations because this is my weakest weightlifting movement we do in CrossFit. 

And sometimes you learn from the pictures, huh? How about some weight in the heels?

I far exceeded my expectations for this lift. I'd discussed it with Spencer and he told me to start with a weight I knew I could do and build from there. 85 was my previous PR on this lift so I started with 65. Moved to 75, then 85, then 95. Still had time so I hit 3 at 105 and would have went to 115 if I'd had more time or plates avilable. As it was, i had time to add 2.5's to both sides and get 110 with about 20 seconds to go. I came in 15th out of 17 but was really happy with my efforts. A 35 pound PR and getting a lot more comfortable with this lift was a big win for me. 

WOD 3:
Cash In - 100 single jump rope skips
Deadlifts (155) / Burpees
Cash Out 100 Singles

I'd run this WOD after another WOD a few weeks priorto the competitin and it took me 13:29.

Time: 10:07! 3 minutes and 22 seconds faster than my trial run. I was pumped about that time. Placed 13 out of 17 for that workout but kept to my plan until the last set of deadlifts. 7-7-7 on the first set. 5-5-5 on the second set. I did quick singles on the last though. And broke the burpees into 7-7-7 with a short break between sets, same with the 5-5-5, and kept moving through the last 9. First set of jumprope was unbroken. I broke twice on the last 100. 

...because I'm happy (about the time and the fact that WOD is behind me)

WOD 4 wasn't announced until all the heats / divisions had finished 3. 
We gather around to find that since we'd lifted things in every wod so far, WOD 4 was all body weight.
21 sprints of the competition area
7 Wall Walks (novice to 36", intermediate to 24")
42 box jumps / steps (24")
10 bear crawls 

I'm glad they had someone showing what each movement looked like becuase I'd never done a wall walk or a bear crawl. I'm also glad I didn't have to wall walk my chest to the wall. And I'm glad I made a friend there who had done plenty of wall walks and had some advice. They had some set up time where you could practice. I went out, did a few wall walks and was good to go. 

This one had a 15 minute time cap, and I had no expectations other than finish under 15 minutes, and hopefully closer to 10. 

That one was also tough but I did it in 10:07 and was happy with that. 13th out of 17th for this one as well. 

Final Placement was in a tie for 14 out of 17. Results at Breeze Scoring

I had a blast a this competition. Triangle CrossFit did a great job keeping things on track and everyone was in good spirits. Thanks to Triangle CrossFit. I got in a lane with a new judge each time just to be able to thank someone else for being there and donating their time to judge those of us competiting. To Eric, Matt, Katie??(I forgot this one!), and Matt - a huge thank you. Thanks to College Hill CrossFit for the past 4 months of fun and training, I would have never imagined just a few months ago that I'd be doing something like this. And a very special thanks to my dad for going with me, being there to hang out and talk to and as always taking such great photos. 

I exceed my expectations in every event and had a blast. Can't ask for much more than that. I wasn't going with the expectation of winning, I went with the expectation that I'd work my ass off, have fun and learn some things. I did all 3. I'm looking forward to future competitions and future gains on my part, but if I always have fun, that's going to be a great measure of success.