Friday, September 13, 2013


As I sit here and get ready to have a bit if coffee I can say that this has been one heck if a busy week. Kind of like, you have busy weeks and then you have BUSY weeks. 

Things are coming together nicely for our upcoming Bike MS event but it has been like an all out sprint all week to stay ahead. The event binder is all but finished, much ahead if schedule. The rest stop supplies have all been bought and will be packed today and distributed Monday evening at Val's, so things are going great. Adding school to that mix is the kicker. There is a ton of reading for Tuesdays 705 and although I really enjoy Finance its still a little new and different. 

I've been lucky to be off from Outback all week and its made me really putt priorities in order again. If I can't work as many shifts (3) as I have most weeks, its okay. I might make that final payment on my credit card in January and not December but I will make time for school and finish strong. I have 11 weeks left this semester and then 15 next semester. 

I'm looking forward to golfing with friends in the morning and finishing my part of a group project tomorrow evening. 

It's been a great week with a lot if progress and I leave you with this. Go make today great, don't wait on the day to do the work for you. That's Beene refocused and renewed attitude all week and it works. 

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