Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another "first" Day

Obsessed? Addicted? Gotta Have It?

I figure we all have things that we like to do. But to much of a good thing isn't a good thing, is it?

Diet Soda. Nothing too bad right?

I have one, no big deal. Then after a few days another. Then it's one a day. Then 3. Usually not more than 3 but that's still to much.

I'm not here to preach that no one should drink  diet soda, but I shouldn't.

I love water, I really do. But not when I am drinking soda. My water intake plummets.

If I have to chose, it's a morning (and sometimes afternoon) cup of coffee. And for a person with a slight heart MVP that's all the caffeine I need. That's even doctor approved. But if I told my cardiologist I was having 2 cups of coffee and 3 - 20oz sodas, I don't think she'd be happy with me.

When I don't drink enough water, after a few days I feel sluggish. I don't have time to feel sluggish.

And lastly, soda costs a heck of a lot more  than water. We buy 24 bottled waters for like $3. And since I try to tell myself I don't drink much soda we don't but it at the grocery store, I'll just swing by a convienece store. Stupid money management, bad for my heart, and I feel sluggish.

As a now famous woman said, "Ain't nobody got time for that".

I saw this on facebook tonight and man is it true. Change isn't easy. But I've given up soda for months and over a year before, so I think it's time to try again.

Today was another "first" day. I'm going to start with August and September trying not to BUY diet soda. It's hard at outback but I'm going to try to limit and then quit it there too.

Monday, August 12, 2013

T25 - Day 2

I did my first workout Sunday night and when the alarm went off I wasn't really feeling getting up to exercise. That left 2 options, at lunch in my office, or around midnight when I got home from Outback.

I took half a lunch at noon and ate and then the other half I took at 3:30. I covered the windows to my office, put up a do not disturb sign and popped in the DVD. Oh yeah, and turned my fan on.

Today was Speed 1.0 and it was a good workout for sure. I'm really proud of myself for getting this done during the day because I'd be lying to myself if I thought it was going to be easy to do once I got home from a 14 hour, 2 job day.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here we go again - Focus T 25

One of these days I'm going to get things just right. You know kind of like the story with goldielocks and the 3 bears. It took her awhile to find what was just right.

That seems to be me in trying to get into a fitness routine and eating better.

In one of my few posts from the year on January 27th I made some resolutions.

Weight Loss - get to 214 or less.
Debt - Have less debt than when I started the year
Improve my golf game

So the golf game has gotten better and I will be recapping some things from the big event I was in during the next few days /weeks. ( That's the goal anyway)

Debt - I started working a second job in February. It's been really good to see some good progress getting made on the debt. It isn't always pleasant working a second job but I'm doing well with it. It's allowed me to really pay down some debt and still be able to have some extra golf lessons and things of that nature.

Weight Loss - in July I got down to my low for the year which was right at 214. Then we had vacation. Gained weight. Lost some back, down to 217. Morgan Cup weekend - gained weight. But not too much. Over the past few days I've not eaten to well. That changes starting today.

I've tried Insanity. It's too much for me at the moment. I've tried going to the gym more regularly but with 2 jobs and trying to improve in golf that's proven hard as well. It isn't going to get any easier in 2 weeks. School starts back. 2 semesters and I'll close the door on this MBA.

That's where Focus T25 comes into play. A new workout by Mr. Insanity that's 25 minutes, 5 days a week. (they don't tell you it's a double day on one of the days ).

I've challenged myself to follow through with this program and update the blog with how things are going at least one a week.

Tara actually did one yesterday and she was sure to let me know how hard it was.
So tonight I started with the first day. I thought about waiting another day and starting on Monday but that seemed like another excuse and I've made enough of those. Day 1 of the 10 week program was today.

It wasn't easy but it was only 25 minutes. It's pretty good intensity and you really will work up a sweat.

Starting weight - Sunday 8/11/13 - 219.2

Let's do this. I'm going to get it right.