Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Golf - Practice Recap - Week of - 5/28

Monday - 5/27/13
Put in an hour at the range before running errands for the wife.
Driver Distance
Different Grip

Large Bucket of balls. Hitting very solid by the end. Ready to try again

Tuesday - 5/28/13
I've been swinging the club much better as of late. 
Then tonight what did I do? I started messing with things, experimenting. 

Experiment = Fail

Will get back to basics and get it back Thursday. Also have a lesson Thursday. Looking forward to that. 

The one thing that did make sense is a tip Freddie gave me today on starting to groove a good driver swing, not sure why I didn't let that carry into the other clubs. Tomorrow is a new day.

Wednesday - 5/29/13
Today was a busy day with both jobs. No golf practice. Looking forward to a lesson tomorrow.

Thursday - 5/30/13
Lesson Day. I am lucky to have a flexible job where I can go in early and take an extended lunch break to get in a lesson. Joey and I made some awesome progress with ball striking and mental / course management talk. We talked through my last couple of rounds to start with and then dug into a few of the problems. I've got a great set of pre-swing thoughts now and I'm really starting to trust the swing. We used different clubs and changed the flag we were aimed and firing at quite often. I've probably never hit so many solid balls during a lesson.
1. Weight Back
2. 1/2 a back swing (my 1/2 swing is probably closer to a 3/4 swing but the 1/2 thought keeps me controlled)
3. Swing to first

I was going to go to the range Thursday evening but ended up playing softball with a friend. That was a fun change of pace after dealing with car troubles over the past two days.

Friday - 5/31/13
Worked the day job for 1/2 day and went to the range where I started with chipping and pitching before moving into full swings. Everything felt really good again but if I don't swing on the right plane I will loose the ball to the right. That being said, ever club up to driver I hit awesome. Still working on the right driver swing.

Saturday - 6/1/13
 Best round in months for me. I tied my low round since I started golfing again last year. Shot an 88 at Greensboro National. There will be more info on that round in tomorrow's blog post. I can say that although I didn't hit driver long I hit it well. 85% of fairways. 12/14

Sunday - 6/2/13
No practice. To exhausted from golf and job #2 Saturday. Had to work Sunday night.

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