Friday, June 7, 2013

Golf - Greensboro National - 6/1/13

Greensboro National may be one of my favorite courses in Greensboro. It has such a great layout. There were some problems there in the past few years but under new ownership for the last year it's coming back into its own as a great place to play. Man the course is in great shape right now!

My previous best on this course was a 97 shot earlier this year so I was excited to take another crack at it. The weather was perfect for the round. I tee'd it up with Chris and Ryan and one of Chris's co workers Brian. A bunch of cool guys that just make you have a great time while you're out there. 

I felt good after warming up on the range and the round started well. I hit a bump in the road on 4 and 5, but turned it around by playing smart on the par 5, 6th hole where my 3rd was just off the green. I chipped that in for Birdie and par'd the next hole. 8 and 9 got the best of me with back to back doubles. Still a 46 over 9 isn't a terrible score for me and I was excited to see what the back nine held.

After a good drive and great iron into the green I had about 20 feet left and the birdie putt rolled right into the bottom of the cup. Other than the 15th hole(lost concentration on the tee and hooked it straight left into the woods and couldn't recover(  I wasn't unhappy with my play and I managed to par the 18th which I've never done. Driver, 5i, PW to just off the green. I shot a 42 on the back which I'm really happy with considering I had a double and a triple back there.

My driving wasn't very long but it was very consistant. I only missed 2 fairways and both of those were the driver getting two quick, straight left, and penalties. Other wise 12/14 was 85.7% fairways for the day.

Scored an 88 which ties my best since I started golfing again last year. I shot an 87 way back when in like 05 or 06 so that's the best I've done. My handicap for the year is below 18 which is great and where it needed to be by end of July for the Morgan Cup and over the past 5 rounds my handicap would actually be closer to 16.

I couldn't be more pleased to see my work with lessons and practice paying off with more consistent play. The lesson I had on Thursday really carried over into this round. Ball striking was good, I'd like to see a few more putts falling but I'm sure with continued practice that can happen. One other thing I was really happy with today was my bunker play. I ended up in two bunkers and had great shots out of both. A tip I saw a week ago about accelerating through the sand and how most people just stop as they hit into the sand made a huge difference.


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