Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Golf - Practice Recap - Week of - 5/20

I put in a solid week of work last week. With just under 2 months to go before the Morgan Cup (post describing this event coming up this week) I'm really working to hone my game.

Monday I was able to get in a couple of hours. Split between full clubs and short game. Short game work went really well.

Tuesday - Ryan and I went out to Iron Play the par 3 course for 18 holes and some practice at Mens night where Joey O'Conner gives free instruction and advice during your range session. I was also able to talk to my buddy Freddie Kong that afternoon and after asking a few questions about swing stuff I asked what shots will make me the best team mate I can be. He thought 80-120 would be a common shot and recommended that I learn to hit those shots with 2 or 3 clubs. I was able to pull some clubs for 1/2 and 3/4 swings at Iron Play. Ryan and I played Match play for the front, then had the practice, and match play on the back. I was able to win both matches, the 2nd one came down to the last hole too.

Wednesday - I worked both jobs. No golf.

Thursday - 2 hours at the range. Starting to feel pretty comfortable with chipping and pitching.

Friday - we got off work at noon and I spent another 2 hours working on hitting different clubs and lots of switches. Putting was on fire, couldn't miss.

Saturday - played a round at Oak Hollow. Score was a 90 so it was okay but I left strokes out there.

Sunday - Round at Holly Ridge. Good to play bermuda greens an start getting used to them before Myrtle in July but my short game was out of whack with the long roll outs of bermuda. Had some swing trouble through out the day on Irons but figured out on 15 that I was sliding forward again. Finished Par / Bogey / Bogey after a long string of doubles. Will be heading back there every few weeks to get ready for The Morgan Cup.

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