Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Golf - Holly Ridge Golf Links - 5/27/13

Holly Ridge is one of the few courses in the area that has Bermuda greens.
The difference between Bermuda and the other bent grass greens around here is almost as drastic as carpet or hardwoods in your house.

Bermuda thrives in the summer heat and won't die out but they are firm and fast.

I knew today's round would be an adventure stickily because of the greens. Hitting pitch shots onto greens and seeing them release and roll out over 20 feet was hard to deal with, but the hardest part for me today was putting the greens and getting comfortable on them.

Well, maybe not the hardest part. I was hitting everything so well on the range but on the course the irons were not consistent until the 15th hole. It hit me then that I was "sliding" forward, something my pro (coach) has been getting me to work on not doing. I hit such solid shots after that tit was amazing.

The Cleveland Classic Driver that I will be playing in the Morgan Cup is going great. I need to get a little more club head speed but I'm hitting it solid and down the middle.

I would have felt good about an 96 a few weeks ago but I know that I left some strokes out there by missing short putts and not adjusting my distance on chips and pitches to account for the green speed.

I'm looking forward to my next range session where I will continue to work on keeping my weight back and see if I can combine that with the nice tempo swing I've been working on as well.

Scorecard and Stats from today:

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