Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hackers Paradise - Morgan Cup

So I'm way behind on blogging but here is the blog about the golf tournament I'm in at the end of July and one reason you're seeing so many updates about golf practice from me.

I love the game and would probably be practicing anyway but being part of a team in July I really want to get in good golf shape.

About the Morgan Cup:
The Morgan Cup is the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. It offers 32 lucky amateur golfers the
chance to feel like a PGA Tour Pro.

Details about the 2013 Morgan Cup

Taken Directly From the 2013 Morgan Cup Website:

When & Where
Friday, July 26th – Sunday 28th 2013
Myrtle Beach, SC
The Courses
True Blue & Caledonia in Myrtle Beach, SC will be hosting this wonderful weekend. These two award winning golf courses embrace the southern beauty of the once thriving rice plantations and offer unique challenges that will be thrilling and invigorating for the Morgan Cup.
Match Play Team Event
Each team is complete with a team captain that will become the center piece for each roster. It will be their job to set lineups, make changes and work with their teammates to come up with the winning formula. Teams will compete in 3 rounds of golf over 2 full days.
The Companies
Callaway Golf, Cleveland/Srixon Golf, Cobra Golf and Bridgestone Golf will be sponsoring this event and each company will have 8 golfers that make up their THP staff. This is not company vs company, as all four teams will have each manufacturer represented.
Tour Experience
Each golfer that competes will be sponsored by THP in conjunction with a major company for the weekend of golf. The competing golfers will sign on with THP for the weekend and will be sponsored in full. Their contract is made up like this.
Staff Bag – Each golfer will be using a bag with the company logo.
14 clubs – Full 14 club deal is in effect. You must play all 14 clubs for the event.
Golf Ball – Playing the company branded golf ball best suited for your game.
Logo Apparel – Each golfer will be wearing the logo of their sponsor.
Like actual tour golfers, each company has a different way of doing things. Some offer certain things that others do not. Each company is required to offer the above and if you are selected, you will learn more about what they are and are not going to be bringing to the table.
Furthermore, each company will be going about things differently this time around. Much more independent freedom is being given to the sponsors to work with their players this year and there will be differences in the offerings from each company. Each golfer will be required to sign a contract with THP. At the end of the Morgan Cup, each sponsored golfer will get to keep their entire sponsorship package. You must be 18 years or older at the time of signup to be a part of the Morgan Cup.

Video & Scoring
The entire Morgan Cup is filmed and broadcasted the following week. Golfers will be on camera for every shot, be interviewed between shots and be prepared to follow along with the rules of the event.

Friday of the Morgan Cup is media day. This entails, player promo videos, interviews, speaking to the world via live webcam and more. Being a tour pro for a company like Cobra Golf, Cleveland/Srixon Golf, Callaway Golf and/or Bridgestone Golf is not just about the equipment, apparel and accessories. With the logo and contract comes commitments and those are the promos that will be done. Each golfer will be responsible for shooting multiple promotional videos shot by THP as well as many interviews during the competition conducted on the items that you are using.
Friday Media Day: Full day of range time. Work with your new gear to get it dialed in and at the same time work with the media director to make sure all staff obligations are taken care of such as interviews, promotional videos and more.
Friday Evening: THP Dinner. This will be held at the course and will be a fun time to relax and unwind as well as talk with fellow competitors over the tour life experienced in day one.
Saturday 36 Holes: Two rounds of golf will be played and points will be accumulated for winning matches.
Sunday 18 Holes: 18 holes of golf to determine the championship team.
Sunday Post Round: The Morgan Cup trophy ceremony for the winning team.
All golfers will be playing from the same tee boxes to be determined by THP.

Here is what is included.
All greens fees & cart fees for competitive rounds
All range balls for the weekend.
THP Dinner (yourself + 1 guest)
Trophies for the winning team
Staff Bag
All 14 clubs from staff deal
All accessories
All golf balls for competitive rounds
And much more

I submitted the video's for entry and was lucky enough to get selected for this great event.

Just a few short weeks later I was announced as one of the members of team Paradise!


Then it was time for sponsor announcements. While there is no company I wouldn't be happy to be sponsored by I was chosen as a Cleveland Staffer. I was and still am very excited about that.

Here are a few pics of the clubs that have come in so far.

588 Irons can be mixed and matched for a combo set and that's what I went with. 
5 - Altitude
6-8 MT's

Here is my bag so far. Looking forward to completeing in and 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Golf - Holly Ridge Golf Links - 5/27/13

Holly Ridge is one of the few courses in the area that has Bermuda greens.
The difference between Bermuda and the other bent grass greens around here is almost as drastic as carpet or hardwoods in your house.

Bermuda thrives in the summer heat and won't die out but they are firm and fast.

I knew today's round would be an adventure stickily because of the greens. Hitting pitch shots onto greens and seeing them release and roll out over 20 feet was hard to deal with, but the hardest part for me today was putting the greens and getting comfortable on them.

Well, maybe not the hardest part. I was hitting everything so well on the range but on the course the irons were not consistent until the 15th hole. It hit me then that I was "sliding" forward, something my pro (coach) has been getting me to work on not doing. I hit such solid shots after that tit was amazing.

The Cleveland Classic Driver that I will be playing in the Morgan Cup is going great. I need to get a little more club head speed but I'm hitting it solid and down the middle.

I would have felt good about an 96 a few weeks ago but I know that I left some strokes out there by missing short putts and not adjusting my distance on chips and pitches to account for the green speed.

I'm looking forward to my next range session where I will continue to work on keeping my weight back and see if I can combine that with the nice tempo swing I've been working on as well.

Scorecard and Stats from today:

Golf - Practice Recap - Week of - 5/20

I put in a solid week of work last week. With just under 2 months to go before the Morgan Cup (post describing this event coming up this week) I'm really working to hone my game.

Monday I was able to get in a couple of hours. Split between full clubs and short game. Short game work went really well.

Tuesday - Ryan and I went out to Iron Play the par 3 course for 18 holes and some practice at Mens night where Joey O'Conner gives free instruction and advice during your range session. I was also able to talk to my buddy Freddie Kong that afternoon and after asking a few questions about swing stuff I asked what shots will make me the best team mate I can be. He thought 80-120 would be a common shot and recommended that I learn to hit those shots with 2 or 3 clubs. I was able to pull some clubs for 1/2 and 3/4 swings at Iron Play. Ryan and I played Match play for the front, then had the practice, and match play on the back. I was able to win both matches, the 2nd one came down to the last hole too.

Wednesday - I worked both jobs. No golf.

Thursday - 2 hours at the range. Starting to feel pretty comfortable with chipping and pitching.

Friday - we got off work at noon and I spent another 2 hours working on hitting different clubs and lots of switches. Putting was on fire, couldn't miss.

Saturday - played a round at Oak Hollow. Score was a 90 so it was okay but I left strokes out there.

Sunday - Round at Holly Ridge. Good to play bermuda greens an start getting used to them before Myrtle in July but my short game was out of whack with the long roll outs of bermuda. Had some swing trouble through out the day on Irons but figured out on 15 that I was sliding forward again. Finished Par / Bogey / Bogey after a long string of doubles. Will be heading back there every few weeks to get ready for The Morgan Cup.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Golf at Oak Hollow 5/27/13

We had 2 tee times today and I was in the second group to go off. Played with Eric, Ryan and Ryan's dad Kevin.

To see a course review of Oak Hollow Lake with a lot of picture that I posted on The Hackers Paradise please click HERE.

It's a gem of a Pete Dye course and can be very challenging.

There are many holes along the lake and today there were some sailboats on the lake adding to the scenery.

The day started out rough after a good tee shot and approach I four putted the first green. I was able to grind out a 45 on the front and the back had some ups and downs for another 45.

2 memorable shots of the day.
Eric teed off first on the par 3 16th and putt it to within 2 feet. I was next and put mine right beside his. We both tapped in for birdie.

The other was the 6 iron I stuck to within 1 foot on #10. Tap in birdie there as well. Too bad I followed that with a back to back triples.

I felt like I played okay today and the thing that excites me is that just by playing okay I was able to put up a decent "for me" score. In the past year I've played Oak Hollow 4 times and I'm happy to report this is my personal best on the course so far. I look forward to trying to shave a few more strokes off there next time.

After the round I hit the range for a little more work and really feel like I'm hitting the driver straight. Looking forward to Sundays round at Holly Ridge.

Scorecard and Breakdown: