Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resolutions - 2013 Edition

I realize its now the 27th day of January.
It's been a busy month. With the updated job duties at work, travel in back to back weeks and more, I'm just now taking a deep breath and thinking about 2013's plans.

I've narrowed my resolutions down 3, and will be working on the plans to achieve my goals. I think 3 goals is a  good number, not to many to where you can get confused, not too few where a singular focus can turn into a bad thing.

Without further adieu:
#1 - Weigh Less than I did to start the year. 
This goal encompass exercise and diet.
I started this year at 226 and haven't really made any solid progress. I lost about 6 pounds, and then subsequently gained more than that back with travel. As of today's writing I'm at 225.8. I have gotten back into a solid exercise plan this week and I feel like I will see at least a 2 pounds weight reduction for the month by 2/1.

What success will look like.
     Minimal success - 214 or less
     Moderate Success - 205 or less
     Ultimate Success - 198 or less

#2 - Have significantly less debt at the end of the year than the beginning. 
I haven't managed my finances as well as one could in the past and is something that I have vowed to fix.
This is a very personal goal and will only be updated with a "doing good" or "doing bad" in the updates for the purpose of the blog.

So far in 2013, I'm doing well.

Success in this department will most likely include getting a part time job to expedite the payments on some of my debt.

#3 - Improve my golf game while always having fun with it

This goal is listed last and is expected to progress, possibly at a slower rate, in accordance with goal number 2. I have worked out a budget system that includes entertainment and golf and I now have a separate account for those type of expenses. Proper planning will be needed to ensure playing and practicing can happen on that budget. No money in the fun account = no golf. Which might be a good thing with more time on the bike or in the gym.

I took some lessons in 2012 and to be honest I'm not sure it was the right teacher for me. I went back to my first swing coach for a lesson in early 2013 and an excited by the progress we made.

I thought about including more blogging but with a busy work schedule, a possible part time job, school and life in general I didn't want an extra layer of stress. I will do at least a monthly update (sometime during the month) to be able to look back on progress or lack there of and be publicly accountable.

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