Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updates And I've gone INSANE!

A Brief History / Why I'm doing Insanity / Trying to get to a place where I can keep the weight off this time. 

2002 - Late 2006 - Very Overweight - at my heaviest I was 253+ (I'd already started doing a little exercise when I bought a scale). Had a terrible job  and marriage. Got rid of both of those things.
2007 - Worked out about 4 hours a day for 3 - 4 months and dropped weight down to around 200. Met My current wife.
2008 - gained weight back to around 230. Harder to run a marathon with the extra weight but it happened.
2009 - Re motivated and got engaged, dropped weight through a lot of cycling that spring summer / lowest weight since high school was in June of that year and it was 194 (after a long day cycling) around 198 otherwise. Gained some weight again going into 2010
2010 - started the year around 220, started run training and training for a triathlon weighed 205 for my wedding that June.
2011 - gained about 25 pounds, dieted with some exercise in early 2011 and got to 211.2. Steady increase / hold / lose / increase for the rest of the year.
Start 230.6
Heaviest 234 in September
I started eating better about 2 months ago and in the past month have started trying to work out more regularly. 10/4 - 231.6 . Today 221.6 ( I was under 220 again for a day, gee thanks Thanksgiving. )
As you can tell weight control has been a problem for me since around 2002. But I've taken steps in the right direction several times. The scary thought for me is that I might be able to get to my goal but staying there will be the new challenge. I have incremental goals set up for myself with my final goal not being really clear in my mind. I'd like to see the 180's again and then decide where to be from there. I have a larger build but I think that somewhere in there is possible.

DDXU was kind enough to lend me insanity. I was already planning on using Coach Beard and everyone in this thread for support but thought I'd add an extra layer / incentive to do so. He asked me to keep the thread updated with my progress and I intend to do that as I work my way through the next few months.

I won't be doing insanity every day but I'll do an update after each workout. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey and yours in here, together I have a feeling we can accomplish great things.

--And I'm sorry, whenever I start anything with "a brief" it will never in fact be brief. 

I did Day 1/55 for Insanity and it was a fit test. It was humbling. I'll post the results if anybody wants to see them. If not I'll just post the results with the improvements (I'm sure I can do better) on the next fit test. 
The fit test was killer and I got beat up by it. There are 2 exercises I modified during it for the sole reason that I live on the 2nd of two floors of an apartment. I won't be that guy who's doing power jumps and globe jumps because after I start to become fatigued I can't land softly and that's just not the type of neighbor I am. I did jumping jacks in the place of power jumps and did a fast small hop version of the globe jump. 

I ran at lunch before the fit test at night and was TIRED after that.

Wednesday I did day 2/55 (i'm counting them like this b/c I won't be doing 6 a week, like it calls for)
It was a great workout and I was dripping sweat. I negated the effects of this with a mostly healthy Mexican meal, and then was coerced by buddies to go drinking since it was the night of their last class. 

Thursday - ate too much in the morning because I did fast food, lunch was a protein shake, i snacked on a few apples and nuts and dinner was baked chicken and a salad. 
I hit the gym after work for 15 min elliptical, 15 min spin bike and a 30 min run. 

Tonight I skipped ahead to week five of the 10K trainer which was: 
5min warm up / 5 min run/ 3 walk / 5 run / 3 walk / 5 run / 5 min cool down

I fell pretty good and am anxious to hit the range and lunch and Insanity tomorrow night. I do feel like Sean T and I are going to have a love / hate relationship. 

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