Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why does my laptop have so many finger prints on the screen? Am I so used to the iPad and iPhone that I reach out and touch things expecting it to work?

Why do people put hats in the back window of their car? For one it's going to fade and look like crap. Another thing is a sticker is just as effective and much cheaper.

I've realized that although I like the Falcons (I'm an Atlanta sports fan) I don't really care about the NFL after I set my fantasy football lineups. I want to get out side and do whatever. Golf, Cycle, Run, Walk the Dog, it really doesn't matter but this weather is perfect right now. I'll turn on the Sunday Night NFL game and unwind from whatever fun I can have on Sunday.

It's impressive how quickly major coffee brands jumped on the K-cup bandwagon. In a day and time where if you don't innovate you die, they didn't hold back trying to fight the at home coffee revolution. Smart.

Funny. Dunkin Doughnuts has been advertising their new pay from your phone app like it's revolutionary technology. Starbucks has had that for at least 2 years. Useful for DD to have, waste of marketing dollars to promote it.

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