Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Earpod vs Yurbuds

At apples recent iPhone 5 launch one of their new innovations was their earpods.

They are peppering TV with adds about how weird ears are and how the earpod headphones are so much better than their old ones.

I will not dispute the fact that ears are weird. I will also not dispute the fact that these earpodsare better than the previous apple headphones.

I do want to tell you about the most amazing headphones that you can buy.

They also fit in your ear, but they have a silicon adapter that fits into your ear canal. It does a few things, one it allows the music to be listened to at a much lower volume and you still hear it great. The other it they simply STAY in your ear.

Here is a LINK to 2 reviews posted on daily mile and I concur with both.

Yurbuds have some newer products I'm dying to get my hands on.

The inspire duo has a cloth type wire they claim wont get tangled and twisted like traditional ones. Awesome stuff if its true.

The second is their inspiring pro, which has a 3 button mic. I need to get this for driving and using the phone. Both products look amazing and are on my TO PURCHASE LIST.

Checkout the Yurbud WEBSITE

In my mind there is not even a contest. Yurbuds beats the earpods hands down.
Yurbuds get 5 out of 5 Stars from this review.

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