Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Good Minutes

A friend gave me a great idea yesterday. He was having trouble finding the time to blog so he just started a stopwatch. He went for ten minutes, I'm doing five. Hey you've gotta start somewhere.

Something new that I've been doing is more sports photography. I'm having a blast capturing high school football and my dad's been doing it with me.

I started because one of Tara's friends asked if I could take some pictures of her son. I said I'd try so I did some research and some reading. Watched a few training videos on (great resource for photographers) and off we went to a JV game to practice.

Getting shots of a certain player is a lot harder than tracking the action and shooting what happens if it's close enough to you. We've been to Southeast Guilford two weeks ago, and most recently to West Forsyth.

To see more of the football shots go to:

This week I may head up to Pilot Mountain for the East Surry game, b/c it's "home" so to speak and I get to do dinner with mom and dad before hand. If it's Greensboro or Winston it's just me and pops.

Thinking about getting the East vs. Mt. Airy game the following weekend. That could be fun.

The best part about this is I know a guy who got me in touch with the right person to get media passes from the NCHSAA so we have a free pass to every high school athletic event and the sideline access that comes with it. Great place to watch a game from.

Hopefully some of this will turn into getting a crack at either a college football game or a panthers game down the road.

Well that's my five good minutes for today. Let me find a few pictures to throw in b/c what fun is a post with no pictures.

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