Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Playoff's

I may have to do 2 sets of predictions.
What I want to happen and what I think will happen.

Wildcard - Baltimore over Texas
Division - Baltimore over NY 3-1
                 Oakland over DET 3-2
Championship - Baltimore over Oakland 4-2

Wildcard - Atlanta over St. Louis
Division -  Atlanta over Wash 3-1
                  San Fran over Cin 3-2
Championship - Atlanta over San Fran 4-3

World Series - Atlanta over Baltimore 4-2 - Chipper Jones celebrates his final season with a second championship!

So I tpyed out what I think might happen but I honestly have no idea and just want to A)See the Braves win B) if that doesn't happen see some amazing baseball.

I'm pulling for the teams in the following order:
1. Braves
If the Braves don't win
2. O's
3. Oak
4. Wash
5. Texas
6. Cin
7. Det
8. St. Louis
9. San Fran
10. NY

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