Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July & Vacation Updates

It's not really a surprise that I've been a month without writing anything is it?
Lets see....July
A lot of golf
Good times with friends
Some fun photo sessions
and a vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN at the end of the month to start August.

Here are a few iPhone pictures from Vacation.

I would like to blog more but at times I feel like I try to pour every thing that's happened into a blog post so you might just get snippets of whats been happening.

For instance, last night I went for a golf lesson with a new instructor at Precision Golf Academy and what I thought was going to be a lesson on driver turned into a swing change. This is going to really test me over the next few months as it will be hard to be patient and trust this swing as I work towards greater consistency with every club, all the time.

We used 2 clubs last night, 7 iron and driver, and by the end I was seeing some results with driver but I've got to work on a different grip, less tension in my grip/arms/shoulders, and having a solid tempo with 3 counts back 1 forward with the new swing, which adds a hinge in the wrist and keeps the club on a better plane and striking the ball solidly and not coming over the top.

The hard part will be not worrying about my score as much over the next few rounds as I try to put it together. Once it clicks it will be worth it.

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