Friday, May 11, 2012

New Work Out

I waited a few weeks to post this to make sure I could stick to it. And who am I kidding, I also waited b/c I'm a horribly lazy blogger. Nonetheless.

I've embarked on a new 3 day a week in the gym routine with trying to fit in some cycling on one or two of the other days. I've only missed 1 gym day in the first 3 weeks, but with work, photography and school I've only been cycling once.

Warm Up - Every WorkOut
10 minutes of elliptical on Hill Climb setting. First five minutes relatively easy, remaining five increase effort until all out at the end.
Stretching - 3-5 minutes (this has really really helped with my back and general flexibility)
10 Burpees
30 Sit Ups
25 Bicycles
15 Leg Raises

Main Workout: Three Days - At least one day of rest between
Numbers that follow the exercise are (Sets / Reps)

Day One:
Bench 4/6
Incline Dumbbell Press 3/10
Overhead Dumbbell Press 3/8
Skull Crusher 3/10 (should be called the triceps crusher)
Ab Wheel Rollout 4/10 (holy shit hard, more on the arms, chest and shoulders than abs)

Day Two:
Deadlift 3/5
1 Arm Dumbbell Row 3/10
Face Pull 2/15
Lat Pulldown 4/8
Barbell Curl 3/12

Day Three:
Squat 4/8
Hip Thrust 3/10
Dumbbell Step Up 2/15
Cable Pull Through 3/8
Hanging Leg Raise 4/10

Conditioning - After Every Work Out
Elliptical Intervals - 1 minute easy / 1 minute all out for 10 minutes.
I will be mixing in Jump Rope in place of elliptical with 15 sec fast / 45 recover for 12-14 minutes in a week or two.

So far things have been going well. I'm back on track eating. Coupling that with this workout I've started loosing weight again so all hope might not be lost on the 30 in 30. Last month I had gained weight again and was at my heaviest of the year at 234. I've dipped under 230 again, and hopefully that's the last time I'll ever see that number. I've got my goals set in 5 pound increments right now so next up 225!


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