Monday, March 12, 2012

Ode to Cycling

I love bicycling.

It is my favorite exercise activity. Cycling and I have had our ups and downs over the years but those are mostly my fault, not cyclings.

In middle and high school I rode with my dad and we had a great time. Later high school years, the bike was replaced by the freedom of a car, and I didn't ride much from 99-07. I tried once to start rdiing again in like 03, but was too heavy and really didn't want to be out there. Golf was my thing at that time.

After my divorce I started running and then cycling. I built up a new bike and had a great year of riding. 09 was my best cycling year ever, I rode all the time, more miles than I'd ever put in and had a great time. I got decently fast and rode with some good groups and finished some "epic" mountain rides.

I rode in the early part of 10 but stopped before my wedding, I didn't want to be in Hawaii with any type of injury. I was timid to ride with groups. I really didn't ride much at all until the spring of 11 and then with grad school that got pushed to the summer of 11.

Cycling and I had another down moment last summer, I hadn't put in the miles that I previously had and got blasted by on the groups I used to ride with. I was a little discouraged by that and spent more time in the gym.

But the thing that I've grown to acknowledge and am perfectly fine with is that no matter if I'm with a group or by myself. No matter if I can ride 50-100 miles in a weekend or only 20-30, cycling is the sport I love.

I've tried being a runner, and I can get to the point where I don't hate it and I sort of like it. I've run 2 marathons and 5 or 6 halfs, and I need to get off my ass and start running a few miles a week again, BUT I don't love it.

I tried swimming so I could do triathlons. I got better at it, I finished the White Lake Sprint, but I didn't even really like swimming. Check that off the bucket list.

Put me on a bike and even if I'm suffering up a hill or mountain I am still having fun.

They say the best exercise is one that you enjoy. That's so true, I've got cycling and as long as my head stays out of the way we have a great time together.

I've ridden more in the early part of this year than I ever have. Most of that can be attributed to the milder than normal winter, but I'm happy about it.

On that note, Daylight savings time has started, its time to get in the saddle!

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  1. Cycling with my friends brings me so much joy! I can't wait for warm weather and riding through the hills.

    Have a great cycling season!