Thursday, March 8, 2012


March is an amazing month.

March Madness & Daylight Savings Time - need I say more? Really, need I?

I will.
The first two weeks of march madness are the best because there are basketball games all day every day. The Big East tournament starts on a Tuesday and from then on things go into high gear. After championship weekend, the NCAA tournament is pedal to the metal on its first weekend and I LOVE IT!

Secondly, one of my favorite holidays of the year happens in march. The ending of daylight savings time. It may not be a holiday for you, but for me it marks the beginning of when I can cycle after work. Bring on spring, and let me start peddling.

Of course, grad school will put a damper on some of my cycling plans but I will make time for a few rides a week.


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  1. I love March Madness!!!! I can sit for hours and watch basketball! So bring it on!

    Plus, I love the fact that summer is near and the cycling is a coming!

    These are the days of fun!