Friday, January 6, 2012

Damn Roller Coaster

Despite working out last night and eating an uber healthy dinner, the damage from the beers the night before and the unhealthy lunch (and to be honest too much nibbling through out the day). Up .8 today.

I have to eat healthy today and tonight because tomorrow my parents are taking me out for my birthday. I know it was last week, we've all been a bit busy.

We headed to P.F. Changs since it was my choice and I haven't eaten there in over a year and a half.
I guess Sunday I'll just have to go hungry. :-)

A few photos from the start of the Polar Bear last weekend of Me, then my dad.

Hope you have a great Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Love the pix from the ride. You look great!

    I am on the roller coaster right now if that is any consolation. Just ate a small bag of cheetos with a brisket sandwich. The only veggie involved was pickles!