Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help me win access to be a Staff Photographer for a night!

Help me get a chance to be a staff photographer for the local country station 93.1 the WOLF for the next Eric Church Concert. You know I love photography, and you may not know that I also love country music. I've entered a contest to win a chance to do backstage and concert photography for an upcoming concert here in Greensboro. 

If you will click the link below and register with the site you can vote 50 times. (Disclaimer, yes they will probably email you, you can immediately (as soon as you've voted ) unsubscribe. 
Each person can vote 50 times. So please just keep clicking the vote button until you hit 50!
My photo was taken at last year’s Jason Aldean / Eric Church Contest when Eric was doing a shot of Jack out of an airline bottle. 

I'd love it if you would vote and share with your friends to vote too!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Good and Bad

I weighed in today at my lowest weight since Christmas eve. That has me feeling great!

In other news I feel like crap. My throat was so sore when I got up I could barely swallow. That's how the drainage started several weeks ago and it disapates throughout the day. But it turned into bronchitis and robbed me of energy over the holidays.

So after a staff meeting at 10 and driving to a committee meeting at noon, I'm headed to the doctor before I come back to work.

I have a trip to Austin coming up Thursday and I've never been to Texas so I'm excited about it. I don't want to feel like crap for it.

If you've been to Austin what are your MUST Do's?

We're touring Mellow Johnny's, taking a bike tour. And have a couple of MS functions but have Friday night and Saturday day to have some free time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Damn Roller Coaster

Despite working out last night and eating an uber healthy dinner, the damage from the beers the night before and the unhealthy lunch (and to be honest too much nibbling through out the day). Up .8 today.

I have to eat healthy today and tonight because tomorrow my parents are taking me out for my birthday. I know it was last week, we've all been a bit busy.

We headed to P.F. Changs since it was my choice and I haven't eaten there in over a year and a half.
I guess Sunday I'll just have to go hungry. :-)

A few photos from the start of the Polar Bear last weekend of Me, then my dad.

Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Uh - oh

So after the beers last night I was actually down .2 today.
But following that up with a burger and a cup of chili for lunch was probably not the smartest idea.

It's a cardio night and I need to throw some intervals in there. That and lots of water, maybe I can limit the damage.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do you just go through the motions?

Do you ever just go to the gym to go through the motions?

I did a very uninspired 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer tonight. I felt like I needed to be there and needed to burn some calories. But it wasn't fast or too sweat inducing either? Maybe if I'm going to do the 30 minute quick cardio days I should at least warm up with some quick running to get the blood and sweat flowing.


Wheels - Off and On

Today's theme is wheels.

1 - The wheels can fall off quickly with my eating. After 4 days of eating like shit I had to get the wheels back on the wagon and I successfully did that yesterday. It started with a good Mexican dinner on my birthday, good as in it taste good. Not good in the fact that I left feeling like I could throw up I was so full, and not good in the weight gained the next day. Pizza the next night. Followed by Boston Market. Chicken - good. Mac & Cheese and Loaded Mashed Potato's not good. What did I do to correct that, why eat Chili's the next night of course.

Looking back at it, I suppose there are a few positives. I ate good for breakfast and lunch each day which limited the potential weight gain. I also continued to workout every day.

2- The second set of wheels are the ones attached to my bicycle, which I rode again for the first time in four or five months on the 30th. Nothing to write home about really. A slow tempo ride of 16.5 miles. It was good to be back on the road and great to be back out with my dad.

I had really started missing my bike. Cycling is my passion, if I had to choose one form of exercise that I had to stick with forever it would be cycling. I often think when I run, or swim(okay that hasn't happened if FOREVER) that I'd rather be on my bike.

So we rode the local Polar Bear ride, which had a forecast of excellent weather, sunshine and in the mid 40's at the start topping out with a high around 61. Dad and I chose to do the 25 mile route. We started in the very back of the pack so we could ride our own ride and not get caught up in the large groups that hammer up the first hills etc, we knew that we would flame out if we tried that.

We rode great, even though from mile 10-22 the wind was crazy brutal and it got chilly. We ended up passing loads of people on the way in, especially during those last 10 miles, which felt good. We've both been exercising pretty regularly over the past month (me) or more (him) so it was nice to see the legs and body respond during what was the longest ride for either of us in half a year.

I'm glad the Polar Bear wasn't today, because it is COLD and windy today. Man it'd be a tough ride. But the weather looks nice for the weekend. I  hope to get in another ride on Sunday and will be getting my trainer back from my dad this weekend so I can start riding at least once a week at night.

I'm so glad that I got back on my bike wheels and got those wheels back on my wagon for my weight. I anticipate being under 225 before the trip to Austin next weekend and my goal is to workout enough there and make smart decisions to gain less then 1.5 pounds (stretch goal is no weight gain).