Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Success Is...

Success is something different to everyone of us, and can be different every day as well.

Today's success was an early morning workout. I am not a morning work out person. I'm stiff and sore when I wake up and I generally don't like waking up early enough to get in a workout anyway.

But today I knew I couldn't work out after work because I have a photography job from 5-8. So, morning was the only option.

My workout was boosted by the fact that I also lost .8 today. Things are looking good for 2012!

What will your success be today?


  1. Great job on the morning workout!

  2. Well, I managed to only eat one cookie off the plate that Betsy brought into the office today, so I have to consider that a success. Still, I have to drop 30 lbs so I'm looking forward to the weather warming up and getting back on the bike! (I'd try running, but at my advanced age of 41, whenever I run more than a quarter mile on a hard surface I feel like someone has been banging on my knees with a hammer.)